Gaining hundreds of euro monthly (or much, much more) through affiliate marketing is possible and proven – if you’re a marketing superhero, you already know that! If you want to become one, you should start by reading this article.

  • first, sign-up as a Marketer in Business League by 2Performant. It’s easy, free – you don’t have to have a previous experience or a certified website – we believe everyone can learn and evolve, but only the tenacious will prevail.
  • choose 10 Merchants in one or two categories that you understand – think about the target you believe are buying those type of products: age, sex, location, income, but most think about their buying & browsing habits, how are they making their buying decisions. From where and why are they buying, what type of products do you think they would buy and when? At what price? It’s also useful to test yourself the buying experience on the advertiser website and understand their business model and their position on the market. Then you should start building a strategy – can you find a new angle to promote those products? If so, it means you will bring value to those advertisers and to the buyers, as well – and that’s the key to success in affiliate marketing.
  • apply to all those Merchants, and after you’re approved, check their stats in the Leaderboard
  • send each one of them a message telling what are your intentions – where & how do you want to promote them and ask them some more info about their products and target. Prioritize those advertisers who are answering fast and offer good information.
  • after you have all that info, think about what traffic sources would convert best for them and read some info about how other affiliates are working
  • start sending traffic – and optimize it constantly!

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket – always work with several advertisers and 2 or 3 traffic sources.

Try to catch an existing demand – think about using targeted traffic source, not to spread your message to people who are not in a buying mood. Offer useful information to your users to help them make the best purchase decisions and everyone will be happy  🙂 .

This is it. For a short intro, I guess you now have the basis to start.

Come on board as a Marketer in Business League!

2Performant is a self-service affiliate platform where e-shops work easily with digital marketing natives at a cost per sale model in the World’s First E-Commerce Championship – Business League. We have created and developed this unique ecosystem where Merchants and Marketers compete for the best position in the competition, which only leads to more sales, more engagement and more change in each player’s life and business.

We tracked more than 12,000,000 sales since 2009 for more than 550 clients and 57,000 affiliates. Join the E-Commerce elite and show up in the Leaderboard!

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