Octavian Jomir is the affiliate who won the biggest bonus offered by 2Performant until now, besides all the earnings from commissions. A few weeks ago, he managed to reach the line of 2000 sales in 2Performant, a performance that brought him the biggest bonus of € 2.000. Was it luck to reach this target? Mathematics? Octavian Jomir shares with us his story in affiliate marketing and some precious tips for any affiliate or advertiser who want to succeed.

When the 2Performant team decided to reward with a 100 euro bonus every affiliate who will generate a sale with a number ending in 2 zeros, from 700+ until 2.000, they didn’t expect to such tight battle.
In the end, a €15.97 sale generated for an advertiser from Toys and games category wrote history in 2Performant and become the sale with No. 2000. The affiliate who had generated and won the big bonus of € 2.000 was Octavian Jomir, one of the top affiliates from Romania. Does he have some special secrets?

In this story, we can suppose that the luck was brought by its experience. Octavian agreed to share with us some tips from its experience.

You already had experience in online when you started affiliate marketing. What made you decide to invest more resources in this activity?

Octavian Jomir: When I started affiliate marketing I can’t say I had a relevant experience in online marketing. My story with online started in 2011 when I invested into a portal dedicated to beauty salons. I found out about affiliate marketing in my research dedicated to ways of monetizing my portal’s traffic. After a while I took courage and I invested both in affiliate marketing projects and direct partnership with advertisers, for pay-per-click advertising. Of almost 1,5 years I can say I am 90% involved in affiliate marketing projects, as a natural step for me, because the affiliate marketing became the main source of earnings for me.

How did you change your strategy and traffic generation methods during this time?

Octavian Jomir: I started with some banners displayed here and there, then I tried products feed and PPC advertising, email marketing, dedicated projects… I can say that I’ve tried all sort of online marketing channels and tactics, each time I discover a new one I try to test it to see if I can use it in order to generate sales.

What marketing techniques do you currently use in 2Performant affiliate programs?

Octavian Jomir: I use paid traffic channels, dedicated projects and email marketing. If you want to generate a relevant volume you have to invest in special projects for affiliate marketing, in paid traffic, remarketing, etc.

Tips&Tricks for a beginners

  • First of all, try to understand how affiliate marketing works.
  • Test as many affiliate marketing techniques as possible.
  • Keep an eye on the statistics: number of clicks, conversion rate, average commission volume, ROI.

When did you decide that is time to expand your affiliate marketing actions on other countries? Which are the main challenges brought by activating on different countries??

Octavian Jomir: My interest for different markets came naturally, as 2Parale team – the affiliate network from Romania – expand the business through 2Performant.com. I speak constantly with the 2Performant team to replicate our successful collaboration from Romania and to use our experience as effective as possible. Now I am an active affiliate in Bulgaria, Hungary and Poland and the main challenges were related to the language and adapting my strategy to market particularities.

What mistakes did you do, if we look back?

Octavian Jomir: I made several “mistakes”, but I think that is not important. I rather think it matters that I’ve learned from those experiences and I managed to use all these lessons in optimizing my future campaigns.

What skills and experiences are needed in order to win constantly and seriously from affiliate marketing? Is it mandatory to know marketing or online?

Octavian Jomir: If I think about it, when I started affiliate marketing I didn’t know much about online industry nor about online marketing. The key is to be persistent, patient, to be open to learning new things and to love what you’re doing. If these ingredients exist, then the success will come.

What criteria is important for you in choosing a new affiliate program?

Octavian Jomir: I can’t say that is something in particular, I rely on my experience that often indicates me if I should promote or not a certain advertiser. However, I can say that along time I had both great and unpleasant experiences. For example, a collaboration which I believe could be ok didn’t work well and another that made me be skeptical at the beginning finaly exceeded all my expectations. Therefore, any affiliate program deserves to be tested and only after a while you can draw some conclusions.

How and when you succeed?

    • If you want to win you have to be prepared to lose.
    • You need between 50 and 200 EUR to test a new campaign and you have to be prepared to lose them.
    • You can draw the first conclusions only after the recurrence period.
    • If after this period you are close to zero (you didn’t win, but you didn’t lose too much either) then the campaign has potential, optimize it, try different approaches…

Read more suggestions.

What should do an advertiser to motivate you for a long-term collaboration?

Octavian Jomir: Like I said with other occasions, in affiliate marketing, long-term partnerships are 99% based on trust, predictability and mutual profit. It is very important that both the advertiser and the affiliate be profitable and satisfied with the results of this collaboration. I personally appreciate a constant advertiser: if he suddenly decides to change program terms & conditions, to change the commission or the recurrence period and more than that he isn’t paying on time, then automatically arises the feeling of disbelief.

2 things for an advertiser must do starting tomorrow in order 2perform?

Octavian Jomir: They should calculate and monitor the real conversion rate and cost per conversion for paid traffic – even if in affiliate marketing you pay only for sales, your costs are somehow similar to those of a PPC campaign, the affiliate marketing advantage is that you just can’t lose money and there is no risk in paying traffic that doesn’t generate sales.

If you want to succeed with top affiliates, give them a commission per sale of an amount at least 80% from the actual cost per conversion in a PPC campaign. Be receptive to their proposals and be sure of your profitability measures.

Thanks, Octavian, and good luck, we are sure we will hear each other again. If you want to test Octavian’s tips about affiliate marketing, you can start to be part of this ecosystem in less than a minute, just create an affiliate account.

  1. I think you actualy do it not just try it. I not win any bonus because i just try … you are one single affiliate diving lot of trafic to so please sell us the secret 😉

    • Octavian Jomir says:

      Hi Robert,

      I don’t have any secrets, and for sure… I’m not selling secrets… 🙂

      As I’ve said before, test as many affiliate marketing techniques as possible (Google Ads, Fb. Ads, Special projects, etc).

      If you expect that someone will tell you “do this and everything will be 100% ok” then I am sorry to disappoint you, no one will sell you “the recipe for success”.

      I tried many times “to do the same things as others” without results.


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