Do you know what 11.11 is? 

If you answered no, 11.11 or Singles Day is one of the biggest shopping events in China, especially for AliExpress. It is a symbolic celebration day started by four male university students in China in 1993. The four men discussed how they could break away from the monotony of being single and agreed that 11.11 would be a day of events in honor of being single. These activities spread rapidly throughout China and Alibaba CEO Jack Ma turned it into the biggest online sales events in the world. 

In 2009, Alibaba realized that Singles Day could be an opportunity to profit from single customers by providing an occasion to shop for themselves. Therefore, the retailer started to offer customers discounts up to 50% off and in 2018 generated about 30$ billion in sales in one day, a huge amount for the company. 

Although many Chinese stores offer solid discounts on this day, AliExpress leads in this race and 11.11 is one of the most popular days on their site, a day where you can purchase whatever you want, because you get massive discounts on all products across the stores. Thus, we encourage all our partners to participate in the Singles’ Day event!  

5 Reasons Why You Should Start Promoting Singles’ Day

  • It can bring you new clients – thousands of products will be discounted during this period of time. So, there is a good chance that people are more likely to make their first purchase in AliExpress now, who can later become your regular visitors. 
  • You will have the opportunity to promote the biggest discounts on millions of products. Even though AliExpress has sales throughout the entire year, the ones from 11.11 cannot be beaten. 
  • Your audience will have the option to participate in several games & activities organised by AliExpress. 
  • There is a variety of products available that you can promote: from mobile phones, consumer electronics and electric transport to fashion, footwear, personal care and make-up. 
  • You can easily promote the event, because AliExpress is accepting a wide variety of publishers: from content creators, cashback, coupons to CSS experts. 

As our partner, you will have the opportunity to participate in different challenges that we will organise, which will help you increase your sales.

5 Tips to Prepare for Singles’ Day

  • Check the most popular brands on AliExpress. You can find below a list with the most popular brands from 11.11 during last year, but we advise you to check the products /categories on the AliExpress site once they are released. One way to find a specific brand is to write in the search bar the name of the brand, like in the screenshot below:

Then, you can choose Top Selling like in the screenshot below, and you filter the products based on Orders & Reviews. In this way you will end up having the most popular products in that specific store.

Anker – speakers, earphones, mobile phones accessories 

Baseus – phones & accessories, car accessories, earphones 

Deko – power tools, measuring tools, welding tools 

DJI  – drones, action camera, camera accessories

Eachine – remote-controlled cars, parts & accessories

iLife – robot vacuums & accessories

Lenovo – phones & accessories

Xiaomi – smart home gadgets 

FSDA Store – women’s fashion

  • Do not underestimate the warm-up period, which is the pre-sale period where you could educate your clients on how to get coupons and add products to the cart. 
  • Keep in mind that first-attribution click applies. In other words: if a client clicks an affiliate link of a certain publisher during the warm-up period, goes to AliExpress, gets a coupon or adds a product to the basket and during the sales period returns to place an order, the client’s actions will be attributed to the first publisher. 
  • Pay attention to the cookie-lifetime during this period. It might change for the sales period. 
  • Use your creativity – you can post on social media, write product reviews, write short articles about 11.11. You are the one who knows your audience better.

We wish you a productive 11.11 and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write or comment below!

Find out more about the AliExpress Affiliate Program here.

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