As we already mentioned earlier, Singles’ Day is one of the biggest shopping events in AliExpress with the biggest discounts of the year and is going to happen very soon. There is not that much time left, so we strongly suggest you check the latest updates:

👉 The event sales period

  • Warm up: 28 October (00:00 PT) – 10 November (23:59 PT). During this time you can promote the coupons on the AliExpress site and encourage people to add items to their shopping cart 
  • Sales period: 11 November (00:00 PT) – 12 November (23:59 PT) 

👉 Most important pages to check during this event

👉 First-click attribution model applies during the warm-up period

(source: Admitad. Please be aware that the times from the image are in PST time zone not in ET time zone)

In other words, there can be 3 possible situations: 

  1. If the user adds an item to the cart/gets a coupon during the warm-up period and he places the order during the sale period, then the first click attribution applies. 
  2. If the user directly places an order during the warm-up period, the standard last click attribution applies. 
  3. If the user directly places an order during the sales period, the standard last click attribution applies  

Attention: this attribution rule does not apply to publishers such as dropshipping, tools or extensions & publishers with high violation of the traffic! 

  • Cookie lifetime changes from 3 days to 16 days during: the 11th of November till (11 am GMT+3) till the 13th of November (10:59 am GMT+3). 
  • Do not forget to check our first 11.11 article, for more information. 

We wish you all a creative and productive 11.11 shopping event!

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