Have you ever wondered what a complete affiliate profile looks like, one that would look attractive even to the choosiest advertiser? Below I give you a 4 simple step guide on how to create an affiliate profile that will always draw attention in a positive way.

My name is Tudor and I am about to help you introduce yourself as an affiliate and how you should approach this 2Performant Network affiliate profile business the right way. Bear with me :).

Going to the Profile section in your account you can edit the following:

Profile Print Screen

1. Profile picture/Avatar

If, let’s say, you receive a friend request on Facebook from someone without a profile picture or with a picture depicting a sun, would you accept him/her? Maybe, maybe not. But most likely you will let that request pending for  long time and you will eventually forget about it.

My recommendation when you create an affiliate profile is to upload a clear picture of you, an ID type of picture that suggests seriousness and trust to the advertiser. You can’t upload a picture bigger then 2MB.

2. Username

Your affiliate profile is your business card representing you in front of your business partners. For sure, you don’t want to be known as alexx499, but more like who you really are, with your real name. So I suggest that you opt for an username that includes your first/last name, so that advertisers know who they are working with.

Also, from Settings you can edit things like: Title/Description, your website (if you have one), traffic sources and the country where you are promoting.

Settings Print Screen

3. Title/ Description

This is where you can brag about your professional experience, by writing a short description about yourself, what is it that you do, what are your expectations from affiliate marketing, etc. You can write all this in the Description field or you can upload a link to an article on your blog where you already have all this information about yourself.

4. Traffic Sources

Advertisers claim that their brand image is very important to them. We cannot argue with that, that wouldn’t make sense. You, as an affiliate, knowing that everything you do is legit and your traffic sources don’t bring any harm to any advertiser’s brand image, would gladly put up all your traffic sources in your profile? I strongly suggest you do that and the advertisers will be happy to accept you in the affiliate programs.

We checked each of the top 10 affiliates from 2Performant Network and they all went about 90% for the above recommendations. They know better! 🙂

Wrapping up, I would again emphasize that advertisers will be more likely to approve affiliates that are open about their traffic sources, that have a real profile picture, a clear username and a more detailed description.

Bonus tip: Once accepted in an affiliate program, send a self introduction message to the advertiser, including your description and the latest online projects you are working on. It will surely be appreciated!

Keep up the good work and you can always reach me at support@2performant.com for questions on this or any other topic.

Cheers! 😊

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