is a leading online travel & leisure retailer with over 1.65 million visitors per week. Lastminute offers to customers the best ways to make the most of their free time: amazing deals on hotels, city breaks, flights, holiday theatre tickets & spa for everyone.

Benefits of the Affiliate Program

  • 5% commission for hotel bookings & 5.83% for experiences
  • Gift-Card purchases also offer commission, 4.17%
  • 30-day last-click cookie period
  • 1.65 million visitors per week
  • Bookings available for hotels, flights, cars, trains or experiences
  • Possibility to make cancellations free of charge

How to promote LastMinute on the Digital Globetrotter Challenge?

  • Check Accepted & Prohibited Promotional Methods on the program page
  • Focus on the destinations of the Digital Globetrotter Challenge
  • Find cheap/fast/best deals for these destinations
  • Write as many articles as you can about Digital Globetrotter Challenge destinations with links to offers
  • Cashback & Coupon sites are accepted and can be a good way to promote
  • Drive more traffic to your articles:
    • Post them on your Facebook and Instagram Page
    • Set-up Google Ads or Facebook Ads campaigns to the articles (PPC not allowed for LastMinute) Tools & Features

Flash Sales

There is a special section on the website dedicated to flash sales and package offers (eg. hotel & flight or hotel & car hire). They are updated frequently and there are plenty of deals to choose from.


Apart from offering hotel and flight booking, LastMinute also has a variety of experiences on their website, which can also be gifted. Gift cards have a commission of 4.17%.

Payment Plans

LastMinute offers different payment plans to help encourage conversion. Clients can choose whether to pay upfront in full or choose from other flexible types of payment: monthly plan (for bookings made 72+ days before departure) or deposits (for bookings made 40+ days before departure). There is also the option to split payment between two cards.

Apply now to the LastMinute Affiliate Program and good luck in the Digital Globetrotter Challenge!

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