The sMind conference is the concluding event of competition Web Retailer of the Year, a key research project and development driver of e-commerce in Slovenia and the region. The event includes lectures of recognized e-commerce experts and the announcement of best practices in online shopping.

The conference and the research project are carried out annually in Slovenia and Croatia by Ceneje Ltd., reliable company that raises consumer confidence and facilitates the development of e-commerce.


The specialty of the sMind conference among other e-commerce events

“Without a doubt, there were important changes in business dynamics in recent years. The main transformation took place in the consumers’ minds and in the purchasing process, which affects business process in general. Adaptation to these new trends has to be swift and the sMind conference provides the answers how to adjust strategies and tactics. At the same time sMind represents the only event in the region that brings together all the major online retailers and checks their contribution to the online market in a standardized way,” explains Marin Vladović, COO at Ceneje Ltd., for 2Performant.

sMind provides insights in online shopping trends and mysterious background of purchasing habits. It focuses on the smart consumer and the modern shopping ways. Participants receive answers to questions such as:

  • Do you really know your customers and their purchase motivation?
  • Do you really know the online market in Slovenia and the region?
  • What decisions does your visitor make before he becomes your customer?
  • What are the optimal payment and delivery systems in online shopping?


Who is it for?

sMind conference is aimed at all web retailers, traders in traditional channels, brand managers and everyone else who is interested in online shopping and online trends in general.

Web retailers

The web has become dominant source of information in purchasing process and at the same time one of the key sales channels. At the conference web retailers learn what new online trends they have to be familiar with and how they can adapt their strategies and tactics.

Traders in traditional channels

In addition to their usual sales channels they learn about new purchasing tactics and receive tips on how they can successfully reach online customers.

Brand managers learn how they can present the exceptional value of their brand to online customers.


The “Reliable Web Retailer” Trustmark

The “Reliable Web Retailer” is a verified and standardized confirmation of reliability and trustworthiness of an online store and its managers. In the context of obtaining the Trustmark, the national body (company Ceneje Ltd.) checks the fulfillment of the criteria for reliability and safety, as well as online shoppers’ opinions of the user experience. So far the “Reliable Web Retailer” was granted only within the project Web Retailer of the Year, but in 2016 obtaining the Trustmark will become a regular routine practice and retailers will be able to apply their web stores at any time.

On the Slovenian and Croatian online market, the Trustmark plays an important role in enhancing the trustworthiness of online stores, which is vital for the future growth of online shopping.

Because we believe you need to be connected to the world in order to understand best practices and use it for your activity, 2Performant recommends sMind.

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