Recruit affiliates through My Promotions

One of the most valuable piece of information for your affiliates is regarding promotional campaigns that you organize on your site. The better the offer, better chances to convert.

An informed affiliate is a much more valuable affiliate to you, so it’s always a good idea to regularly communicate with all your affiliates, the same as you communicate with your team or other partners (advertising agency, providers, courier company etc.).

By adding your active promotions from your site into My Promotions, all affiliates inside the platform, not just those approved in your program, will see your offers and will be able to access them. Based on these promotions, affiliates will apply to your program and promote you.

There are several actions you can do in order to use this tool as efficiently as possible:

  • Publish and announce your promotions in advance. The more time affiliates have to analyze your offer and prepare, the more chances you have to attract new affiliates to apply your program.
  • Provide dedicated promoting tools for each of your offer, such as banners, feeds, landing pages.
  • Organize competitions between affiliates based on your promotions. In addition to the financial motivation, affiliates are reacting very well to challenges. You can reward the winners with vouchers, products or a higher commission for a given period (e.g. the affiliate that generated the most sales in April will receive a 20% higher commission in May). Experienced affiliates are constantly keeping track of the challenges organized by advertisers and apply in a higher percentage to programs that constantly offer additional rewards for the best.
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