Active recruitment through Affiliate Ranking

It’s an industry widely accepted fact that information about top affiliates (who they are, which one is better in a certain category, and, perhaps most important, their contact information) represent a very valuable asset and is usually available only to network teams and senior affiliate managers.

2Performant advertisers have access to a neat real-time ranking based on the number of sales generated by affiliates in the past 90 days. A bonus is that they can see weekly variations for the top 300 affiliates, and they can invite ANY listed affiliate to work with them with just a click on a button.

Regularly check Affiliate Ranking and find affiliates who have recently proven their competence and interest through clear results – you can invite them to work with you.

For an effective recruitment from Affiliate Ranking, do not focus on volume, that is, do not try to send invitations without adding value. Even if they accept your invitation, they may not promote you if you do not attract their attention.

Here are some recommendations for good recruitment inside Affiliate Ranking:

  • Be relevant, invite affiliates who are active in your category and have a good evolution. Look at the age of the user inside the platform and the traffic sources declared when you approach them.
  • Focus on newer affiliates on the platform, especially those with fast growth in your category – it’s more likely to want to test a collaboration with you.
  • When you contact a top affiliate, don’t just send him or her an invitation. There are over 500 stores in the network, the competition for the attention of superaffiliates is limited so try to be relevant and give a great deal.

Recommendation: Send a message to each affiliate you invite to work with you. Explain why you contacted him or her and, preferably, what are the preferential conditions you will give him or her.

You can also ask for a minimum volume of traffic or sales to provide those conditions. Example: If you send me over 1,000 clicks per month, you will receive a commission 20% higher than the other affiliates.

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