Recruits through your account settings

Even when you start to set up your account, you have to think about recruiting affiliates. Account settings are therefore essential for an effective recruitment process. The account features below are fundamental for this purpose:

  • commission offered to affiliates
  • cookie life
  • time frame for processing the commissions
  • description of your affiliate program
  • terms of collaboration

    Give yourself time to write a relevant description for your affiliate program. Always keep in mind that, through your affiliate program, you are not looking for potential buyers but for partners to promote your products. Tell your affiliates what might help them sell more. You can find more recommendations for a good program description here: Set up a complete affiliate program description.

    In addition to the program description, try to clearly establish your own terms of collaboration from the beginning and engage actively in generating useful promoting tools:

    • If you want your affiliates to write articles about your site, you can provide them with dedicated materials (texts, images, videos) or even products to test. You can send them tailored information for their target audience. Content affiliates with high traffic volumes (publishers, review sites, bloggers, etc.) react well to such actions. Making their job easier will increase their interest in promoting you.
    • If you want to outsource part of your PPC budget and pay for sales/actions and not for clicks, check that you agree with the traffic coming from these sources, and clearly state what you want to keep under your control and what you expect from your affiliates.
    • If you want your site to be present in price comparison or product aggregator sites, prepare special product feeds for them.
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