Affiliate recruitment guide

Affiliate recruitment is the most important task in affiliate management. United States specialists, the bigest affiliate market in the world, say that affiliate recruitment should take up to 80% of an affiliate manager’s time.

Affiliate recruitment has to sides:

  • external recruitment, affiliates from outside the network and;
  • internal recruitment, from inside an affiliate network.

In 2Performant, advertisers have multiple ways to recruit both externally and internally. 2 features stand out besides all:

  1. Recruitment for recruiting outside the network;
  2. Affiliate Ranking for recruiting inside the network.

Recruitment is a system through which, using a simple link, you can recruit affiliates from outside the network. Advertisers will pay ⅕ of network commission for sales generated by affiliates recruited via their dedicated link and who don’t have a 2Performant account. If the recruited affiliate already had a network account, advertisers will pay half of network commission.

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