Recruit through good affiliate program management

Passive affiliate recruitment means attracting and moderating applications from affiliates interested in your program. Whether they find out about your program from the Advertisers Ranking or the New Advertisers section, affiliates can see you and easily apply to your program.

The conditions you provide, the tone and speed at which you communicate with affiliates and your reaction time (processing commissions, payment terms) are the factors that most influence, in the long run, affiliates’ interest in promoting your site.

Try to improve the performance indicators that affiliates can see on your affiliate program’s dedicated landing page.

If you have decided to process affiliate applications manually, I recommend you take a quick look at each affiliate’s profile (just click on their username) and see how long they have been registered in the platform and where they place in the Affiliate Ranking.

Regarding processing your affiliates, there are a few recommendations that you should follow:

  • Process affiliate applications as quickly as possible or even in real time. You want to take advantage of the moment they apply because it represents the moment of maximum interest on their part.
  • Once you approve an affiliate, send a welcome message through the platform. Thank them for their interest and tell them a few words about your plans for the next period. Start a dialogue. Ask them how they want to promote you, or give them some goals that you have thought of.
  • If an affiliate that does not seem right for you applies to your program and you decide to reject their application, send them a message and explain your reasons as clearly as possible. Even if you do not work together now, it is possible that this will change in the future.

    Last but not least, keep updating your promo tools and upload your offers and promotions in the My Promotions section.

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