Recruiting outside the network

Recruiting affiliates outside the network is the necessary step in order for your affiliate program to grow steadily and develop, through interested affiliates.

The affiliate portfolio of a program is always evolving – although a recruiting and activation process, executed correctly and constant, will bring long-term relationships – it is inevitable that the interest or involvement of some of the affiliates will diminish over time for various reasons, therefore you have no alternative but to be permanently active in recruitment and activation.

And this situation is absolutely normal – as you constantly seek to attract new clients, you have to also focus on recruiting new affiliates.

A good source of potential affiliates are the happy users from your own website and current clients / visitors portfolio.

Now you can share with all your website visitors the fact that you have an affiliate program and they can further promote you, whether they are your clients who have blogs or Facebook pages, are forums moderators or have many friends, or maybe they are specialized in paid online marketing channels.

Who can promote you better than a satisfied customer?

By launching this feature that gives you the possibility to recruit affiliate outside the network, we offer a simple and favorable solution to focus your affiliate management efforts on recruiting new affiliates to work with.

Go to the Recruitment section and for each recruited affiliate through your dedicated link, you will have a discount on the network commission for all conversions generated by that particular affiliate:

  • If the affiliate does not have an account in 2Performant, the network commission will be 5 times lower from that particular affiliate’s commissions.
  • If the affiliate already has an account in 2Performant, the network commission will be half from that affiliate’s commissions.

Here are a few methods to recruit affiliates:

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