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Castiga un comision de pana la 50RON/fiecare client nou!

Magazinul online www.vodafone.ro/shop a beneficiat de o relansare la sfarsitul anului 2012 si continua sa primeasca update-uri lunare care imbunatatesc experienta clientilor pe site.

Din produsele si serviciile oferite clientilor, se regasesc pe site:
- Achizitia de abonament (voce si internet) pentru clienti noi si existenti.
- Prelungirea de contract pentru clientii Vodafone.

Livrarea produselor este Gratuita (pentru orice suma totala de plata) si variaza intre 24h-48h de la confirmarea comenzii.

Lunar, vor fi disponibile promotii exclusiv online constand in reduceri de telefoane, bonusuri la abonamente sau planuri tarifare dedicate clientilor din website.

Comisioanele se vor aproba in termen de 15 zile de la confirmarea comenzii.

Pentru comenzile de achizitie plasate de clienti noi se va realiza un credit risk telefonic, in max 24h dupa postarea comenzii. In acest pas se vor verifica datele clientului si istoricul lui de plati, urmand ca impreuna cu agentul vodafone sa se incheie comanda.

Se vor comisiona comenzile finalizate, dar dorim sa impartasim cu fiecare afiliat interesat, motivele refuzului clientilor de activare a comenzii.

Valoarea comisioanelor

Pentru fiecare comanda de achizitie finalizata(de la un client existent Vodafone sau un client nou) se va acorda un comision in functie de tipul abonamentului ales:
* Easy 15 RON
* Smart 40 RON
* Red 50 RON

Pentru fiecare comanda de prelungire de contract a clientilor Vodafone se va acorda un comision de:
* 15RON daca pastreaza planul tarifar
* 25RON daca schimba planul tarifar


Creare de domenii sau subdomenii

Afiliatii nu pot crea domenii sau subdomenii care sa contina marci Vodafone sau derivatii ce pot contine greseli de ortografie (ex: vodafon.ro; vodafone.domeniu.ro)


a) Afiliatii sunt rugati sa foloseasca bannerele furnizate in interfata 2Performant. Daca doriti folosirea altor creatii va rugam sa ne contactati pentru aprobarea lor.
b) Afiliatii pot folosi advertoriale, linkuri text etc.
c) Afiliatii pot folosi Adwords in urmatoarele conditii:
- Nu se va licita pentru cuvinte ce contin marci Vodafone
- Nu se va trimite traficul direct catre site-ul Vodafone (prin redirectul linkului de afiliere)
- Nu se vor folosi marci Vodafone in Title sau description-ul Ad-ului;
d) Afiliatii pot folosi Social Media pentru afiliere, dar nu vor afisa posturi ce pot fi confundate cu postari oficiale din partea unui reprezentant oficial Vodafone.

You can win up to 11.24 euro* for every new client.

Products and services you can find online:
Subscription purchase (voice and Internet) for new and existing clients
Contracts’ extension for existing Vodafone clients.

Free shipping in Romania (regardless the payment amount) and delivery time varies between 24h and 48h.
There are monthly promotions on mobile phones and discounts on subscription fees or special pricing plans for website customers.

Commissions Approval time: 15 days from the order’s confirmation.

For new clients’ orders we will proceed a credit risk on the phone in the first 24h after the purchase. During this step we will verify the customer’s informations and his payment history and then finish the order with the Vodafone’s agent help.

Commissions will be paid on completed orders, but we are ready to share with each affiliate, the reasons for customer order’s refusal/cancellation.
Commissions’ amount (it varies according to the chosen pricing plan):
* Easy 3.37 euro*
* Smart 8.99 euro*
* Red 11.24 euro*

For every Vodafone client contract extension there will be granted a commission of:
3.37 euro* if they keep their pricing plan
5.62 euro* if they switch to another pricing plan


Domains or subdomains

The affiliates are not allowed to create domains or subdomains that contain the Vodafone brand or derivatives formed by letter-omission or other grammar mistakes. (ex: vodafon.ro; vodafone.domeniu.ro)


Affiliates are asked to use banners provided in 2Performant interface. If you wish to use other creations please contact us for their approval.
Affiliates can use advertorials, text links, etc.
Affiliates can use Adwords under the following conditions:
- Do not bid for keywords containing Vodafone trademarks
- Do not send traffic directly to the Vodafone website (through the affiliate link redirect)
- Do not use the Vodafone brand in Ad Title or description of the site;
Affiliates can use Social Media for affiliation, but will not display items that can be easily confused with Vodafone’s official posts.

* The value of the commissions may vary, as they have a fixed amount in RON and this can be different depending on the exchange rate.