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Capital increase.

Capital increase.


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We concluded the capital increase operation and attracted a total of more than 5.3 million lei

The private placement, scheduled for August 5-18, was closed in advance due to increased demand from investors.

During the private placement, 19.62% of shares from the total offer which had remained unsubscribed in the first stage of the capital increase operation were offered at the price of 30.491 lei/share.

Due to the high demand, 2P shares were oversubscribed by almost 16%, with 12 investors participating in the placement resulting in a 1,109,902 lei investment.

Previously, during the first stage of the increase, 502 investors had participated with amounts ranging between 57 and 282,764 lei, so that at the end of the public offer 80.38% shares of the total offer had been subscribed and over 4,2 million lei worth of funding had been attracted.

2PR02 allocation rights were activated on the accounts of the investors who participated in either of the two stages.

Within the capital increase operation, we attracted the total amount of 5,325,885 lei.



About 2Performant

We are a growth tech company.

We are the leader of the affiliate marketing sector in Romania, and we generate over 10% revenue from external markets.

NOW is the right time and the right spot for us: at the crossroads between e-commerce and digital marketing, two industries developing fast in Romania and CEE.

Our strategy is to capture the growth in the markets where we already have a strong position, Romania and Bulgaria, and expand on new markets through the technology we have developed in-house and through our validated product: affiliate marketing.

In 2020, we registered a 31% increase in turnover, and for 2021, we are targeting +26%, reaching a turnover of 25,5 million lei.

We are set to reach the next level for 2Performant’s business: scaling and addressing new markets.
And for this, we need capital.

About the capital increase

We are a fast-developing growth technology company, we are constantly growing, and this investment of 5 million lei will help us to consolidate our leading position in the affiliate marketing we have in Romania and to increase our presence in the markets.

The 2P shareholders have approved this operation in AGEA on March 22nd, 2021. Our objective is to obtain 5 million lei capital that will help us accelerate the growth on external markets and maintain a double-digit growth pace on the Romanian market.

You can read here about the opportunities we have and the projects we will finance this year.



How to take advantage of capital increases

Webinar Key Takeaways
with Rareș Mihăilă, founder 

2P Capital Increase Operation

Purpose and initiatives to be funded

Do you have preference rights?

What can you do during the capital increase

Start trading the preferential rights 2PR01

Trading between May 31 and June 14 is a go

Subscribe to 2P shares based on 2PR01

Subscription period – between June 22 and July 22

The first stage of the capital increase has ended

80.38% of total subscribed shares and over 4.2 million lei of funds were attracted

The share capital increase process ended

Within the capital increase operation, was raised the total amount of 5,325,885 lei


For additional information about the capital increase or the 2P activity on the BVB, please contact us at:, +40 374 996 354.

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Why does 2Performant make a capital increase?

Our intention is to raise RON 5 million for the development of the company, capital that will support the following three investments:

  1. Strategic partnerships with important players in online commerce and affiliate marketing, with a strong impact on business and with the potential to form user communities in foreign markets (RON 2 million).
  2. Growth projects on the Romanian and Bulgarian markets through the affiliate marketing product (RON 1.5 million).
  3. Project to develop a new way of assigning conversions from (RON 1.5 million).
How can I participate in the private placement?

If you want to participate in the private placement, you can send us an e-mail to  and, depending on the number of shares available in the second stage and the number of remaining seats available, you could be invited by Goldring, our broker, to participate in the private placement. The price of a 2P share in the private placement has been set at 30.4910 lei.

What is the price at which I can buy 2P shares in private placement?

The price of a 2P share in the private placement has been established at 30.4910 lei, higher than that of the public offer, a price calculated according to the following formula: the subscription price (28.2764 lei, as dictated by exercising the preference right) + the weighted average price of the 2PR01 rights  (0.38956717 lei) x the number of rights necessary to subscribe for a share in the public offer (5.68424).

What are preference rights?

Preference rights are offered to shareholders in the event of a capital increase, in order to give priority to existing shareholders to participate in the new round of financing, in ordet to maintain the same participation in the company as before the increase, reflected as % of shares held.

During the EGMS from 22.03.2021, 2P shareholders approved the capital increase of 2Performant Network with a maximum number of 185,500 new shares, representing ordinary, registered and dematerialized shares with a nominal value of 0.1 lei / share.

In order to subscribe 1 new 2P share, investor needs to have 5.68424 preference rights in his account. If, following the mathematical calculation, fractions of shares result, the maximum number of shares will be rounded down to the lowest natural integer.

You can find out more about the capital increase process in the special webinar we organized together with Rareș Mihăilă, during which all the key questions related to the share capital increase operation were addressed. The webinar is available HERE.

What can I do with the rights?

If you received rights, you have the following options:

  • If you want to participate in the capital increase where you can buy 2P shares with 25% discount —> you keep the rights and you will use the rights later on to buy new shares.
  • If you don’t have rights or would like to get more rights to buy more shares with discount —> you can buy them from other investors as they will be traded on the AeRO market of BVB. Please note that the market will set the price for the rights.
  • If you don’t want to participate in the capital increase —> You can sell them, after they become tradeable, to other investors at a price set in the market.

You can also decide to do nothing – neither participate in the capital increase, nor sell your rights.

When can I trade the rights?

The preference rights 2PR01 were traded for a limited period from May 31st, until June 14th.

The subscription price per share was set at 28.2674 lei/share. The price per share includes the share nominal value (0.1 lei) and the issue premium (28.1764 lei). To subscribe for a new 2P share at this price, 5,68424 preference rights are required, rounding to the nearest lower natural number.

What follows after the trading of preference rights?

The timeline of the capital share increased operations is as follows:

May 31 – June 14: 2PR01 preferential trading
Stage 1 June 22 – July 22: Investors holding preferential rights have 31 days to subscribe for new shares
Stage 2 August 5 –  August 18: Private placement – if unsubscribed shares remain at the close of the first stage, they will be offered to a maximum of 149 investors in a private placement, at a higher price than the public offer

Are preference rights the same as free shares?

No. The capital increase with cash contribution and the related to it issuance of preference rights was approved by the EGMS from March 22, 2021. The capital increase through capitalizing a part of the profits for 2020 and distributing 4 free shares to each shareholder was approved by the EGMS from 23.04.2021.

These are two separate operations. The capital increase by cash contribution requires shareholders to purchase new shares, by contributing capital. On the other hand, in the capital increase by capitalizing part of the profits, the shareholders receive free shares without having to pay for these shares.

Important: The capital increase by cash contribution will take place first. This means that if you participate in the capital increase by cash contribution, for the new shares you will subscribe, you will also receive free shares (4 free shares for each share owned), as long as you keep them until the registration date (which is not yet established).

The management decided to offer the free shares for the shares that will be newly subscribed in the capital increase process through a cash contribution, in order to reward and motivate our investors to participate in the operation. Consequently, the distribution of the free shares will take place after the closing of the capital increase operation with cash contribution. The reference date has not yet been set. As soon as the capital increase with cash contribution is completed and the Board of Directors establishes the timetable for the distribution of the free shares, we will issue a current report with all the details, including the reference date as well as the ex-date. At this time investors who decide to buy 2P shares and will keep them until the date to be set by the Board as the registration date, will benefit from free shares in proportion of 4 for each share held.

What are the stages of a capital increase process?

Firstly, ASF (Romanian Financial Supervisory Authority) must approve the prospectus for the share capital increase. After approval, the steps to be followed are:

  • Publication of the capital increase Prospectus on the BVB website as well as on our site, at:
  • Between May 31 and June 14, 2021, the 2PR01 preference rights were traded for a period of 10 working days.
  • The trading period is followed by stage 1 of the increase process. That stage took take place between June 22 and July 22, 2021. This means that eligible investors had 31 days to subscribe to the new shares. In order to obtain one share, the investors paid 28.2764 lei and 5.68424 rights.
  • After stage 1 ended, stage 2 begins – the private placement, which will take place between 5 – 18 August 2021.
  • After the completion of stages 1 and 2, the accounts of shareholders who bought new shares will be loaded with 2PR02 rights, which will be transformed into 2P shares after completing the process of registering the share capital increase at ONRC, ASF, and the Central Depository.
Do I need to have a trading account to buy or sell rights?

Yes. You can buy or sell your rights through any broker in Romania. Goldring offers special conditions for opening and operating the account to persons wishing to buy or sell rights or shares 2Performant:

  • No minimum amount when creating the account
  • Zero fixed costs for the first year
  • 0.4% commission plus 1 leu per trading order – for the first year

To benefit from these conditions, select the code “2Performant” in the “Source of recommendation” on the account opening page.

I have the necessary rights, how can I subscribe?

The period for subscribing 2Perfomant shares based on 2PR01 preference rights was between June 22 and July 22, 2021

At the end of that stage, 80.38% of the total offer have been subscribed and funds worth over 4.2 million lei have been attracted.
The shares were subscribed based on the 2PR01 preference rights at the subscription price of 28.2764 lei per share.
Where can I find more information?

You can find on our website at the Capital Increase section all the information and documents related to the capital increase operation.

How can I find out more?

If you have other questions about the capital increase, you can send us an email at