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What is the influencer marketing platform 2Performant?


2Performant is the only automated online platform in Romania through which any brand or specialized agency can identify content creators, communicate with them and run a Social Media campaign with minimal resources in record time.

Why should you choose 2Performant?

  • You gain access to over 500 digital talents on a platform dedicated to collaborations on creative projects!
  • Campaign management, its communication and delivery are done entirely on the platform!
  • You get rid of bureaucracy! You only need one contract regardless of the number of campaigns and the number of involved content creators.

Influencers know their communities and know what works for them. Thus, they create content that resonates with their fans’ expectations, and this is where the magic of influencer marketing lies. You gain access to audiences that are more inclined to pay attention to your message because someone they care about vouches for your brand!

No paperwork

No more signing of contracts for each collaboration!

Demographic data

Get access to demographic data detailing the make-up of the influencers’ audiences to be able to choose the best-suited profiles!


One campaign – multiple influencers – a single payment!

Everything in one place

You work directly with influencers via the platform!

Ease of use

You set up the campaign on the platform, you invite influencers, you receive their applications, you approve deliverables, all with just a few clicks!


We are right by your side, and we help when things are unclear!

How does it work?

Watch our presentation film below, and in just 90 seconds, you’ll get familiarized with the options available on the platform.


You create a campaign on the platform

Define your campaign goal, your budget and other relevant details.


You choose the influencers that are right for you

Our listing shows you the most important data about each influencer.


You approve the deliverables

The influencer sends the post links directly to you on the platform.

What do brands say about 2Performant?

Alina Ignat

Brand Manager

2Performant is extremely intuitive and well structured. It’s so easy to use that we only needed minimal guidance. The advantages are that we can manage our relationship with the influencers in a single place; we have permanent access to the brief, the deliverables, the budget, the messages; and we can adjust everything as we go with just a few clicks.

Mia Deaconu

Marketing Manager

We appreciate how easy it was to select campaign participants and interact with them! Moreover, the professionalism and readiness of the influencers were strong points in this test, doubled by the ease of use of the platform at this stage in its development.

Vlad Vlădescu

Digital Marketing Manager

I loved the easy and centralized way in which you can manage a campaign with a large number of influencers while skipping over the usual negotiation and implementation efforts. I appreciated the availability of data about the influencers’ communities, which really helped in selecting those that suited us best.

Luiza Boerescu

Account Director

We worked together with both smaller and bigger micro-influencers, some of which we discovered on the platform. All communication with them was done 100% through the platform in a single campaign tab, not via email, and very little on the phone… magical. And on the administrative and financial side, only one contract, one invoice, a single payment, instead of 12.

Miruna Ursache

Content Manager

A collaborator of ours came to us with the idea of an influencer campaign and got us interested in it. The novelty attracted us, and the platform seemed very interesting. We did not even know such things were possible. We were enthusiastic about the project, and the experience was very enjoyable. We met some cool people, albeit virtually. We got to different audiences! We had fun!

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