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Acesta este un ecosistem ce pune in legatura specialistii de marketing online, web developeri, publisheri si bloggeri cu magazine online si branduri in baza unui model de cost pe vanzare

Intre timp, in reteaua 2Performant.

In timp ce tu te uiti pe pagina asta, altii fac bani prin marketing afiliat. Nu ne crede pe cuvant. Convinge-te singur. Uita-te la statisticile in timp real, aflate mai jos.


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Castiga mai multi bani cu bonusurile si challenge-urile noastre.

Multi utilizatori din retea profita la maxim de Shopping Event-uri si de challenge-urile pentru afiliati.

Children’s Day Shopping Event

New promotions & bonuses for affiliates.

Up to 20% BONUS on 21st of April


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Te pricepi la marketing online, blogging, publicitate pay per click, social media, web development sau email marketing? Sau ai vrea sa inveti?

Te poti inscrie ca afiliat, alaturandu-te celor 50,000 de afiliati din 2Performant.


Detii sau te ocupi de departamentul de marketing al unui magazin online?

Te poti inscrie ca advertiser, alaturandu-te celorlalte 500 de business-uri online din 2Performant.


In ecosistemul 2Performant vorbim si despre.

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affiliate program improvements

Affiliate marketing is not only about performance, but mostly about open communication between partners. There is always room for improvements in the affiliate program, but we have selected 5 of them, following discussions with some of our network’s top affiliates. There are two types of users that seem to belong to different categories, even opposing […]

The post Top 5 improvements in the affiliate program appeared first on 2Performant Blog.

Top 5 improvements in the affiliate program has been for the past few years on the bookmarked webstores list for all the shoes fans in Romania. The desire to have as many pairs of shoes as possible lies in the depth of every woman’s heart, no matter the budget she has. was born exactly for fulfilling this wish for those […]

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Interview| Stories of incredible sales and Black Friday adrenaline

On 6th of August 2017, we launched Affiliate Ranking – the first permanent affiliate ranking based on the number of approved commissions generated in the last 90 days. This ranking is visible only within the 2Performant platform – for all active advertisers and listed affiliates. Based on it, the advertisers can contact affiliates and initiate […]

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First historical leaders in Affiliate Ranking by 2Performant

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