Affiliate’s Guide in 2Performant.

First steps into Affiliate Marketing.

Why 2Performant ?

2Performant is the first Romanian affiliate marketing network.

  • We offer a quick solution to monetize traffic as an alternative way to gain income.
  • If you are a publisher, blogger or SEM specialist, send your visitors to advertisers’ sites. You’ll be rewarded in direct proportion to the number or value of the actions made by those visitors on the site.
  • You can choose from a varied and ongoing portfolio, the products that you want to promote. We offer you access to statistics and analysis for campaign optimization.
  • You will benefit from a performant platform, with an advanced and accurate tracking system.

2Performant Superskills

Real-time statistics

and an awesome comprehensive dashboard. Always be in touch, see how well you have done.

Dedicated link creation tools

for an easy link conversion

Extensive KPI system

describing affiliate programs

Product feed creation

to get more products out in the limelight

Weekly and convenient payment

so you can make the most of it

Direct messaging system

to stay in contact with your partners.

Custom conditions

to reward your performance

Advertising banners tool

to start promoting at the click of a button

API usage

for tech pros that need automation

Promotions section

to catch all sales and special offers campaigns

Why affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing can set you on the right track to freedom and professional independence. Here are some of the most important benefits that will guide you through a successful affiliate marketing.


You work on your terms

You decide what programs to work with, how to do that and the goals you want to reach.


You earn extra money

You can make some extra money in your free time or you can bravely take up affiliate marketing as a full time lifestyle or business.


You are the master of your time

It’s your choice how much time you want to spare for this and when.


You work with big brands

Ever thought of working for a big brand? Now you can work WITH big brands, as partners. That would make your portfolio look impressive!


Work from anywhere

All you need is a good laptop and a reliable Internet connection. And you will to do great things.


You can grow your skills

The drive for better results will push you to learn new things you never thought of. And you will love it.

But, how to affiliate?

Everything sounds great and exciting, but you don’t know where to start from? Here are some possible options you could consider, depending on what skill you have or you want to develop.


Affiliate Marketing with a blog or website

If you have a blog or you want to create one, you can start by placing banners or links on your site. The same goes for a website.


Affiliate Marketing with Social Media

You can use Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter or any other social media network to promote your advertisers’ products. You can use Facebook with your own account, with groups or with a fan page.

Affiliate Marketing with Facebook Ads

If you know your way around Facebook Ads you can start setting ad campaigns to advertise your products.


Affiliate Marketing with Google Adwords

You can go for either Search or Display campaigns that, if well targeted, can send traffic directly to your advertisers’ websites.


Email Marketing

If you have or you know how to build an email list, you can also send well targeted emails that include discounts or special offers.


Coupons websites

If programming is not a show stopper you can build a website that collects discount vouchers and coupons.


Price comparators

If skilled enough, you can create a site that gathers up products and compares their prices on the different stores that you want to advertise.


Product aggregators

Choose a niche and build a website that brings together similar products from different stores that you partnered up with as an affiliate.

What steps do I need to take in order to become a 2Performant affiliate?

To become an affiliate on this platform is easy and free. All you need is willpower, dedication and confidence that you can do great things. We are here to help you every step of the way.
1. Create your free affiliate account It’s free and extremely simple and fast!
3. Think of what type of project you will build (blog, Facebook/Google Ads campaigns, email marketing, etc.)
5. Get approved and start communicating with your partners. Once you are approved and you receive a message, respond. Be friendly and always stay in touch! If you don’t receive a welcome message from the advertisers’ side, then it’s your time to open a conversation. Send a message to the advertiser to thank for acceptance into the program and ask for more information about that particular affiliate program.
7. Check your stats, they are there to help give you an overview of your results and ideas of what you could improve. Don’t lose sight of them!
9. Place a payment request. Once you cumulated a minimum of 25 Euro, you can place your payment request. Cha-ching!
2. Fill in your affiliate profile with details about you, your projects and your experience. Don’t forget to add an avatar picture.
4. Apply to programs that fit your project. Apply to as many programs as possible. Don’t limit your choices to the big sharks. Some goldmines may be hidden in smaller programs.
6. Place links, place affiliate links everywhere! No matter your niche or type of project, hard work usually pays off – use all the necessary tools for promotion.
8. Fill in your payment profile. Once commissions start flowing in, take time to fill in your payment profile, so we know where to send the money.
10. Repeat steps from 3 downwards. If you got to step 9, there is no reason to stop here. Keep going, you are on the right track!
Let’s get into details!

Read on and you will find numerous tips and examples that will help you generate traffic and conversions.

Create an account.

In order to reap the benefits of affiliate marketing, create your own account in 2Performant. It’s easy and free! Once you’ve signed up, you will have access to the campaigns and promoting tools from our 2Performant affiliate network. From the Profile section in your affiliate account, you can edit the following:

  1. Avatar/profile pic

Advertisers pay close attention to this detail, they will always be more tempted to approve those affiliates who have a clear picture, as the ones from your ID card, in which you show seriousness and confidence to the advertiser.

  1.  Username

Your affiliate profile is your business card that represents you in front of your business partners. Thus, our recommendation is to write down your full name and/or surname, so that advertisers will know who are they working with.

From the Settings section from your affiliate account, you can also edit the following:

  1.   Title/Description

This is the perfect place where you can praise your professional experience, write down a short presentation about you and your occupation, what are your affiliate expectations, and so on. You can write all these information in the designated field for description or you can put a link that directs to your blog where you already have all these data.

  1. Traffic sources

Add your site or sites, if you have more than one, on which you are willing to promote advertisers’ products and services. Fill in the data with reliable information, they are very important in order to get acceptance in programs. Advertisers’ will always tend to accept those affiliates who mention their traffic sources, have a real avatar picture, a clear user name and a full description.


Choose your advertisers.

One of the most important steps to perform in affiliate marketing is choosing advertisers, more precisely choosing the products’ category you wish to promote. Why? Because advertisers and the products they offer for promotion must accommodate the specific needs of your business and the interests of your site visitors.

From monitoring the performance of our affiliate, we discovered that in order to increase your chances for a successful conversion, most affiliates have started by applying to about 30-40 advertisers that fit the needs and requirements of their target audiences. I suggest you do the same!  

In order to choose the right product category, you must know, even with approximation, your target audience’s profile. Linking your target audience with good advertisers can only bring profit for both sides. A rather simple and useful method by which you can find out your visitors’ preferences is to create a poll on your own website, where you can ask them, for example: “If you had a 50 Euro voucher that you could use only today, what would you order online?” You can also give them options based on product categories, but make them as specific as possible: women’s clothes, presents, etc. Pick the categories that correspond to your interests, such as Fashion, IT&C, Travel, etc. Apply for those affiliate programs and carefully read their descriptions and the benefits you’ll have for promoting their offers.

Niches are also a good revenue opportunity for many. A niche website welcomes a more restrictive audience, but interested in that specialized field or area. To be sure you choose a niche with great potential, you must invest time in market research. We are sure you’ll be able to turn your investment into profit. Choosing a niche affiliate program can be made based on general interest, seasonal interest or other financial criteria.

  • General interest means those products and services that are indispensable to a person, that can be bought or used at any time, by any visitor, from any geographical area, etc.
  • Seasonal interest means those products and services that can be promoted on special occasions, special events throughout the year, visitors that might have a commercial interest for a product/service only for a specific period of time.
  • Financial criteria are also as important, they can generate higher incomes and are somehow related to the previous criteria. Some affiliates can focus on promoting luxury products, expensive products that attract a special kind of visitors from different geographical areas, with a specific financial potential.

Another way you can choose a niche website is by analyzing the advertisers and their product categories. The latter, depending on their depth (sub-sub-categories) can be great niches that you can promote.

How can I find a profitable niche?

The profitability of a niche is often inversely proportional to its degree of exploitation: the fewer there are in that particular niche, the more money you will be able to make. An easy way to find out the competition in a certain niche is by using Google: search the keywords relevant to that niche → fewer results, higher the potential. One of the most important aspects to consider when choosing your niche is finding a topic that you are really passionate about. Moreover, it is important to have a firm grasp on the traffic type and trends expected from that particular niche.

If you haven’t used Google Trends before, I recommend you to give it a try! It is free and a very useful tool provided by Google, that allows you to search historical data on multiple keywords/topics in a specific niche. The graphic resulting from that search will show you a tendency over time of the keywords you’re interested about and also from the regions you targeted.

In addition, Google Trends is showing you related topics and keywords to your search (Related queries and Related Topics) which have registered significant growth in search volume. In this way, you will be able to find some interesting topics that might incite many readers.



Besides Google searches and Google Trends, another way to find the profitability of a niche or a topic is by using Google Alerts. These Google alerts are basically emails that notify you when new information, news, blog posts, videos that interest you are published on internet. All you have to do is enter your search terms (words and/or phrases related to the topic you’re interested in) and set your alert. This tool will help you find out the latest news about the niche you have chosen and also stay informed about everything that happens/discusses on that chosen topic. For example, if you have a travel blog, you can set a google alert about the offers and promotions of major travel agencies.

After you have discovered the best niche for you, it is best to see if there is a market demand. You can find out this aspect also with the help of Google by searching blog posts, questions and answers on forums or using Google Adwords Keyword Tools, a tool that shows you the exact number of searches made on those particular keywords (do not forget to select the country and language).


Choose your advertisers from 2Performant

Once you chose the right niche you can start selecting advertisers from your affiliate account by accessing the campaigns directory from the Affiliate Programs section.


2Performant provides information to affiliates regarding advertisers: promotional products, commissions, cookie life, terms of service and contact details. Many advertisers have policies regarding the way affiliates must promote their products and/or services. Thus, it is important for affiliates to know and adhere to these policies. Another important detail displayed by our platform is the date since advertisers became members in 2Performant. Advertisers’ longevity in 2Performant, proves that they’re generating sales and paying their affiliates. Therefore, they become more reliable.

Analyze all the data based on criteria mentioned above and choose the right campaigns. You can always apply to as many campaigns as you wish, but it’s very effective if you promote only offers and products that correspond with your audience’s needs.

You can begin testing more campaigns and products and afterward you can renounce the ones that are not generating conversions and try new advertisers. In order to maximize your chances of profit, we recommend you to constantly follow what new advertisers are joining the platform, along with their policies. A lot of the announcements for entering the system are made on our blog, sent by newsletters but they also appear in affiliates accounts.

Choose the right promoting tools and methods.

After you picked the advertisers, applied to their programs and have been approved by them, you must now select the right promoting tools and methods. You can do this by accessing Affiliate Programs section and click on one of the programs that you are interested in. Here you will find detailed information about the campaign you have just applied, including the tools provided by the advertiser.



2Performant provides three types of tools that helps in generating conversions: banners, affiliate links (quicklinks) and product feeds. They can be used to generate sales and conversions. Based on your choice, place the tools and, if the case, their  codes in your own website.



Banners are the best used tools by 2Performant affiliates. They broadcast visual messages in the most efficient way possible. Our platform supports both static and dynamic banners. Static banners may be .jpg, .png, .gif while the dynamic ones have a .swf format. Try to choose the most targeted tools to promote a product or a product category. In this regard, affiliates can use Quick Link – a tool that helps you create your own links for certain products or specific categories.

Affiliate links or Quick Links, as they are named in our platform, are those links that you take from the advertiser’s website that you wish to promote, and transform them in affiliate links, through your 2Performant account. Besides banners or affiliate links, you can also create dedicated sites for the products or services you want to promote. A site or a dedicated landing page may significantly increase your conversion rate.

A very useful tool for this part is Product Feed – they can basically help you create your own online store, through which you can promote services/products from advertisers. Product feeds have numerous functions inside our platform. You can take a feed and use it for price comparisons sites, cash-back sites and/or coupon aggregators.

Bookmarklet is another tool with the help of which you will be able to create unique links associated to your 2Performant account and the affiliate program you wish to promote. In other words, our platform will know that because of you someone landed on an online store’s product page, and if that visitor will make a purchase, the commission is automatically linked to your account.

If you are planning to use these tools in AdWords campaigns, it is best to ask for permission first, by sending them a message through our internal messaging system or by using their contact information. Also, if you need personalised banners that you think they might increase your performances, you can also always ask the advertisers for them. Depending on their interests and promoting policies, they can either accept or deny your request. But it never hurts to ask!

How can I promote my advertisers?

 How can I promote advertisers using Google AdWords?

When advertisers register in our platform, they establish their own policies regarding affiliate promotion, which could include stipulations about promoting through search engines. Every affiliate who enrolled in those programs is required to follow and respect these collaboration policies!

In 2Performant there is only one restriction regarding AdWords campaigns: affiliates shall not bid in Google AdWords or any other search advertising platform on keywords containing the Advertisers’ brands (or variations) or the Advertisers’ domain names (or variations). In this way, these terms shall always be listed as negative keywords. For promoting through Google AdWords, you will need first an affiliate link for the program you wish to focus on. Once the link is generated, it is added in the tracking template field from the Ad URL options (advanced) section.



Don’t be frightened about the error! Even though it appears when you press the Test button (Final URL mismatch), the ad will be saved and will work properly. This error message occurs because there is a difference between the Final URL and tracking template URL. But you don’t need to worry! Your only concern is to properly optimize your campaigns so that you will generate as much conversions as possible and be profitable in your actions!

How can I promote advertisers using Facebook?

One of the most convenient ways to promote 2Performant advertisers is by promoting them on Facebook. There are three main ways: using your personal Facebook account, a dedicated Fan Page and/or Facebook groups. The moment you received approval from the affiliate program you’re interested in, you can get to work! Once you have decided on where you want to affiliate on Facebook, you can start posting.

Posts are made exactly like in normal Facebook accounts. You can start posting text, photo+text and using affiliate links generated through our platform. Visit the advertiser’s website and browse to find a product or product category you are interested in promoting.

When you land on the product page you wish to share on Facebook, use the bookmarklet to insert your affiliate link inside the post. In this way, you will be able to create a community interested on a certain niche. Our suggestion is to not assault your fans by placing only affiliate links, but try to provide relevant information along with them. Thus, your users will chose to actively follow you and gain trust in you and the offers you’re promoting.

Be creative with your posts and always take into account your group members and the public you are posting for. Always think of information that will interest your readers!

How can I promote advertisers using my blog?

One of the effective ways of affiliation for people with writing talent is to promote advertisers’ products through a blog. The most used blogging platform internationally is Once you have created your blog, it must have some content; and not just any content but an original one that really brings something extra to the already existing information on the advertisers’ sites. After you created your blog, personalized, customized and started writing blog posts, it is time to connect your blog with 2Performant advertisers which you decided to promote.

Depending on the management policy of each affiliate program, you’ll have access to the promoting tools available. For a blog, you can use tools that are quick links and banners. Quick links can be used to add an affiliate link over a word or phrase inside the blog post and/or the image that you want to insert in the blog post (if the case). However, do not overdo with the number of links added in the blog post, if you want to not be penalized by search engines. If you don’t want to add a quick link over a word or phrase in the blog post and you prefer to share it through an intro such as: Find out more HERE _link_ or Follow the link bellow  _link_, you should embellish a little the 2Performant link. You can do this by generating, based on 2Performant link, a short URL. For this, I recommend you to make an account on or, if you have a Google account, you can use

Through a dedicated account you will be able to find more statistics regarding the short URLs you’ve generated. Banners are images with links and dimensions that you can take directly from our 2Performant platform. They are created and uploaded into the system by each advertiser separately. Go to Banners section from your 2Performant account and look for the advertiser whose banner you want to display. 



Once found, use the advanced option next to it and copy the banner’s code that begins with href=’  This generated code must be added to your blog post using the HTML tab. Subsequently, the banner can be modified just like any other image that you insert in your blog post, except for the dimensions.

The main advantage of affiliating through a blog is that there is no financial investment required. The only investment you have to do is… in time. In order to be successful you must be diligent in all your blogging actions that you do, from regular posting to promoting the new blog posts. You can merge promoting on Facebook with the blog posts. After you finish writing your blog post, you can also promote it on your Facebook account, page or group. Thus, your users will be more likely to see new blog posts.

And now you can start making conversions! Commissions are obtained when visitors directed by you, through promotional tools, make online actions set by the advertiser, and the latter approves the action as valid/real.

Follow the stats.

Once you applied to a campaign, 2Performant provides you access to real time stats, very important to succeed in affiliate marketing. All these stats can be analyzed in terms of the resources you invested (how much money you made with each advertiser compared to the cost you invested in promoting them). The statistics provide you information about:

  • commission values/each advertiser;
  • number of clicks made by users directed by you to each advertiser website;
  • number of actions made by users directed by you to each advertiser website;
  • the value of the commissions/100 clicks for each advertiser you applied to;
  • miscellaneous tops in order to see what promoting tools are the most efficient (top programs/sales, top programs/clicks or top programs/commissions.)

You also have the possibility to filter the data by date and campaign names; it will help you in performance making reports, analysis and comparisons.


Affiliate Ranking

Affiliate Ranking is the first permanent affiliate ranking based on the number of approved commissions generated in the last 90 days.

This ranking is visible only within the 2Performant platform – for all active advertisers and listed affiliates.

Based on it, the advertisers can contact affiliates and initiate collaborations for the first time. Also, affiliates will always know their position within the ranking – both in each category and in the general one, making them more and more competitive between each other.

The ranking includes all new affiliates plus the old affiliates who opt to publicly display their position.

If you want to see other affiliates’ ranking, it’s only fair they get the chance to do the same. If you choose to list yourself within the ranking, go to your affiliate account and access Affiliate Ranking → Show my Ranking.

You can opt out whenever you want, just remember that you will be publicly listed for 14 days after that.


Based on these statistics, follow the campaigns’ evolution and optimize your strategy so that you’ll be able to increase the conversion rate and record higher revenue. Test different campaigns, products, tools in order to gain the best conversions. Follow a minimum of performance indicators that will help you in optimization and compare your earnings with the investment you did in promotion.

  • click rate/advertiser – it shows you how relevant is an ad and its place of display. If the click rate is too low, try different tools. Thus, you should also follow what tools that generated the most clicks and actions.
  • conversion rate/advertiser – see what ad sells the best and try to tie its success with more data about the page and place where it was displayed, public’s interest, price/quality ratio, de conversion degree for the landing page, etc.
  • sold products – after a user completes an order, you can see for most advertisers what product was sold because of your ad. Analyze the products that were most sold, the pages from which visitors came (referrer) and pages the visitors landed on (redirect). In this way, you can focus more on these products or categories so that you will be able to generate more sales.  All these information can be seen in your affiliate account, from the Commission’s section and clicking on the Details icon next to each commission.


  • Advertisers’ offers and discounts – always be up to date with this information because they often attract visitors’ attention. To help you with this, we have implemented a new feature called Promotions, where you can easily find all advertisers’ promotions, even if you didn’t apply to their affiliate programs.
  • Seasonal products – change the products you are promoting based on holidays (Valentine’s Day, Black Friday, Christmas, etc). Analyze the offers and ask advertisers what products are best sold in those periods.

It is recommended that affiliates know the options offered by the platform, follow the changes made inside the programs they’ve applied to and track campaign performances and its advertisers.

Collect the money.

By accessing  Commissions section, affiliates can see the status of all commissions made. They also have the possibility to sort them by date (month) and by the affiliate programs you’ve applied.



Detailed information about the commissions are listed under the section with the same name, where you can see, as I said, data about visitors who took actions on promotional campaigns displayed by you. Here you can also see the total amount of collected commissions. As stated in Terms of Service, affiliates are paid weekly, on Thursdays, provided that the total amount of Paid commissions (paid by the advertisers) to exceed the minimum threshold of 25 Euro, without VAT. Payments are made only following a payment request (Withdraw Request) by Tuesday of each week  at 23:59, in order to be operated by Thursday.




  • If you place a withdraw request  by Tuesday, 14.02.2017, it will be processed during Wednesday, 15.02.2017 and the payment will be operated on Thursday, 16.02.2017.
  • If you place a withdraw request Wednesday, 15.02.2017, it will be processed during Wednesday, 22.02.2017 and the payment will be operated on Thursday – next week – 23.02.2017

If the sum of those commissions is less than 25 Euro or if there is no withdrawal request, the money will be retained until the above conditions are met.


Success in affiliate marketing depends, on many occasions, on the relationship between affiliates and advertisers and the communication between these two parts. We’re advocating for transparency and communication, but in the meantime, we must ensure that the terms of confidentiality will always be honored.

Beware of SPAM! 2Performant does not tolerate it!

2Performant provides a way of communicating with advertisers, so that the relationship between them is as correct and rewarding as possible. Use the internal messaging system and ask for more details about the products you want to promote: ask for photos, detailed product/offer information, etc. If you already have a good relationship with the advertiser and achieved great results, you can also negotiate preferential commissions.

If you have any questions about how to use the platform or promoting tools, don’t hesitate to leave us a message using our Support feature directly from the platform.



You can also write us at, our team provides support and advice for any questions or problems. Moreover, you can find us on, Twitter and Facebook. Visit us and you’ll surely find useful information to enhance your conversion.

Stay informed.

An online marketing specialist, who is an affiliate in Western networks, revealed us that he spends almost 3 hours a day to keep himself up to date. And his only income is through affiliate marketing.

Information is important for beginners and specialists, likewise. The online environment is interactive and ever-changing, therefore if you want to be in advantage it’s better to always be up to date with the latest news. Take your time to read case studies and to read updates, tips, hints, suggestions and tactics that can be applied or avoided.

Here are some sources that will help you find out important information about affiliate marketing:

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