If you are using Gomag as an e-commerce platform, then you will need to add the code below in the order confirmation page.

Replace the following placeholders with the program and order values:
CAMPAIGN_UNIQUE: you received it by e-mail
CONFIRM: you received it by e-mail
ADD_SALE_VALUE: total value of the sale. The amount reported must not include VAT (TAXES) if the company is paying VAT nor the shipping charges (shipping costs) nor other discounts and vouchers. Consider: The decimal separator must be the dot. Thousands must not be delimited. Commas must not be used. Only 2 decimals must be sent. Currency must not be included.
ADD_DESCRIPTION: the name of all the products that have been purchased, URL-encoded. (This will help affiliates optimize future sales )
ADD_TRANSACTION_ID: the order id, in your platform, URL-encoded. (This will help identify and process the commissions later)

<iframe height='1' width='1' scrolling='no' marginheight='0' marginwidth='0' frameborder='0' src='https://event.2performant.com/events/salecheck?amount=ADD_SALE_VALUE&campaign_unique=CAMPAIGN_UNIQUE&confirm=CONFIRM&description=ADD_DESCRIPTION&transaction_id=ADD_TRANSACTION_ID'></iframe>


For an order of:
Items value: 121.54EUR
Discount: 12.15EUR
VAT: 21.88EUR
Shipping: 15EUR
The order id in your platform: UY981237Y
Items description: “dress & necklace, shoes”

And supposing you received the following program parameters:

Then you should generate, in the order confirmation page, the following html code:

<iframe height='1' width='1' scrolling='no' marginheight='0' marginwidth='0' frameborder='0' src='https://event.2performant.com/events/salecheck?amount=121.54&campaign_unique=test_unique&confirm=test_confirm&description=dress+%26+necklace%2C+shoes&transaction_id=UY981237Y'></iframe>

The store currency (EUR in our example) must be configured in 2Performant platform, by going to Settings/General, Commission section, and setting the Currency.

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