What steps do I need to take to become a 2Performant affiliate?

Becoming an affiliate on this platform is easy and free. All you need is willpower, dedication and the confidence that you can do great things. We are here to help you every step of the way.

1. Create your free affiliate account.
It’s free and extremely simple and fast!
3. Think of what type of project you will build (blog, Facebook/Google ads campaigns, email marketing, etc.).
5. Get approved, and start communicating with your partners. Once you are approved and you receive a message, respond. Be friendly and always stay in touch! If you don’t receive a welcome message from the advertisers, then it’s your time to open a conversation. Send a message to the advertiser to thank them for acceptance into the program and ask for more information about that particular affiliate program.
7. Check your stats. They are there to help give you an overview of your results and ideas of what you could improve. Don’t lose sight of them!
9. Place a payment request. Once you have cumulated a minimum of 25 euros, you can place your payment request. Cha-ching!
2. Fill in your affiliate profile with details about yourself, your projects and your experience. Don’t forget to add an avatar picture.
4. Apply to programs that fit your project. Apply to as many programs as possible. Don’t limit your choices to the big sharks. Some goldmines may be hidden in smaller programs.
6. Place affiliate links everywhere! No matter your niche or type of project, hard work usually pays off—use all the necessary tools for promotion.
8. Fill in your payment profile. Once commissions start flowing in, take time to fill in your payment profile so we know where to send the money.
10. Repeat steps from 3 downwards. If you got to step 9, there is no reason to stop here. Keep going; you are on the right track!
Let’s get into details!

Read on and you will find numerous tips and examples that will help you generate traffic and conversions.

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