Follow the stats

Once you have applied to a campaign, 2Performant provides you access to real-time stats, which are very important to succeeding in affiliate marketing. All these stats can be analyzed in terms of the resources you have invested (how much money you made with each advertiser compared to the cost you invested in promoting them). The statistics provide you with information about:

  • commission values/each advertiser
  • number of clicks made by users directed by you to each advertiser website
  • number of actions made by users directed by you to each advertiser website
  • the value of the commissions/100 clicks for each advertiser you applied to
  • miscellaneous tops (top programs/sales, top programs/clicks, top programs/commissions), to see what promoting tools are the most efficient 

You also have the possibility of filtering the data by date and campaign names. This will help you in making performance reports, analyses and comparisons.

Affiliate Ranking

Affiliate Ranking is the first permanent affiliate ranking based on the number of approved commissions generated in the last 90 days. This ranking is visible for all active advertisers and listed affiliates and only within the 2Performant platform. Based on this, the advertisers can contact affiliates and initiate collaborations for the first time. Also, affiliates will always know their position within the ranking—both in each category and in the general one—making them more and more competitive among each other. The ranking includes all new affiliates plus the old affiliates who opt to publicly display their position. If you want to see other affiliates’ rankings, it’s only fair they get the chance to do the same. If you choose to list yourself within the ranking, go to your affiliate account and access Affiliate Ranking → Show My Ranking. You can opt out whenever you want. Just remember that you will be publicly listed for 14 days after that.

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