Based on these statistics, follow the campaigns’ evolution and optimize your strategy so that you’ll be able to increase the conversion rate and record higher revenue. Test different campaigns, products and tools to gain the best conversions. Follow a minimum of performance indicators that will help you optimize and compare your earnings with the investment you made in promotion.

  • Click rate/Advertiser: This shows you how relevant an ad and its place of display are. If the click rate is too low, try different tools. Thus, you should also follow what tools generated the most clicks and actions.
  • Conversion rate/Advertiser: See what ad sells the best, and try to tie its success to more data about the page, including where it was displayed, the public’s interest, price/quality ratio, conversion degree for the landing page, etc.

  • Sold products: After a user completes an order, you can see for most advertisers what product was sold because of your ad. Analyze the products that were most sold, the pages from which visitors came (referrer) and pages the visitors landed on (redirect). In this way, you can focus more on these products or categories so that you will be able to generate more sales. All this information can be seen in your affiliate account by going to the Commission’s section and clicking on the Details icon next to each commission.
    • Advertisers’ offers and discounts: Always be up to date with this information because they often attract visitors’ attention. To help you with this, we have implemented a new feature called Promotions, where you can easily find all advertisers’ promotions even if you didn’t apply to their affiliate programs.

    • Seasonal products: Change the products you are promoting based on holidays (Valentine’s Day, Black Friday, Christmas, etc.). Analyze the offers and ask advertisers what products are best sold in those periods.

    • It is recommended that affiliates know the options offered by the platform, follow the changes made inside the programs they’ve applied to and track campaign performances and their advertisers.
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