Success in affiliate marketing, on many occasions, depends on the relationship between affiliates and advertisers and the communication between these two parts. We’re advocating for transparency and communication, but in the meantime, we must ensure that the terms of confidentiality will always be honored. Beware of SPAM! 2Performant does not tolerate it!

2Performant provides a way of communicating with advertisers so that the relationship between them is as correct and rewarding as possible. Use the internal messaging system and ask for more details about the products you want to promote: ask for photos, detailed product/offer information, etc. If you already have a good relationship with the advertiser and have achieved great results, you can also negotiate preferential commissions. If you have any questions about how to use the platform or promoting tools, don’t hesitate to leave us a message directly from the platform using our Support feature.

You can also write us at Our team provides support and advice for any questions or problems. Moreover, you can find us on, Twitter and Facebook. Visit us, and you’ll surely find useful information to enhance your conversions.

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