Why 2Performant?

2Performat is the first Romanian affiliate marketing network.

playlist_add_check We’re helping marketers fulfill their dream: payment only for results.

build Control and autonomy. You have total freedom in setting up terms and conditions of your collaboration with affiliates, choosing promotional tools and keeping them up to date, selecting the affiliates you want to work with or setting up your budget. With several available pricing plans, tailored to more needs, things are much easier!

monetization_on Performance based marketing: promoting products or services at costs that are in direct proportion with the generated results

message Two-way communication – 100% open. We are a marketplace, not intermediaries. This is why we do not interfere in the communication between advertisers and affiliates. You can contact your affiliates directly using our internal messaging system.

show_chart You benefit from a powerful platform with an advanced and accurate tracking system for affiliate programs. Plus real-time statistics.

supervisor_account You have access to thousands of specialists in online marketing, bloggers, publishers and programmers who are attracted by your offer, know how to promote you and can generate considerable sales.

What is 2Performant?

2Performant is a powerful affiliate marketing platform with a stable, intuitive and user-friendly interface. Our platform was developed using the latest technology to show accurate data, but also to bring together advertisers and affiliates who are looking for performance in online. It’s almost impossible not to find in 2Performant the right business partners who will believe and trust you. We think that only through an efficient collaboration performance can be achieved!

This is affiliate marketing for us, a partnership where every party has to win.

2Performant provides access to any market in Europe and the world – we can record sales and commissions in more than 20 currencies, with payment in RON or EURO. We have over 500 customers from Romania, but also from Bulgaria, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia. Affiliate marketing focuses exclusively on performance, but this can only be achieved through the collaborative efforts between advertisers and affiliates. Therefore, communication is the backbone of our platform.

2Performant offers the possibility of a direct communication via our internal messaging system. In the same time, we believe in autonomy and democracy. This is why we have developed our own technology, based solely on performance costs. In addition, we are a team of affiliate marketing specialists and we are here to help you with tips and tricks on affiliate marketing and on the platform’s features, so that your business can run smoothly.

2Performant Superskills?

Real-time statistics

and an awesome comprehensive dashboard. Always know what’s going on

Tracking code

assistance to help you add it to your site faster

Promotions section

to shout out all your sales and special offers campaigns.

Product feed creation

to get more products out in the limelight

Multiple payment methods

for your financial convenience

Direct messaging system

to keep your community close

Custom conditions

for the sake of your flexibility

Advertising banners tool

for the right brand message

API usage

for the oversize online stores that need automation

Benefits of affiliate marketing with 2Performant.


Affiliate marketing is a performance based marketing model, where a community of affiliates are promoting advertisers’ products or services and are being rewarded only for the generated  sales and/or leads.

Affiliate marketing works as a virtual sales team, paid exclusively on a commission basis. Since the payment is made only when a conversion is generated, this channel is widely used by many advertisers to increase sales in an efficient, measurable and cost-effective way.

The volume of sales that an affiliate program can generate is between 5% and 30% of the total sales volume, provided that the program is setup correctly. The most important aspect and the major difference of this marketing channel towards the other traditional marketing channels, is that advertisers are paying only if a sale generated by an affiliate is completed or the lead is valid. Advertisers will also pay the exact amount of money they choose through a commission initially set  for the affiliate programs.  

This is very important because if for the other online marketing channels the payment is made for click or impressions (Facebook Ads, Google AdWords), this channel pays exclusively for sales or  valid registered leads.

Therefore, affiliate marketing becomes the most effective marketing channel due to advertisers’ permissions to have high control over the costs of acquisition for each customer. In other words, affiliation is one of the most democratic forms of marketing that allows you to:

  • collaborate with affiliates who are online marketing experts, without any barriers and bureaucracy;
  • have control and autonomy over your affiliate program → you decide who you want to work with, how much time you want to invest in the program and when you want to stop it;
  • test different marketing strategies, with a substantial lower budget than the one invested in traditional marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a channel made from an ecosystem of affiliates, network and advertisers that are interacting with each other, in order to increase conversions and sales. In this way, through 2Performant, we ensure a win-win-win ecosystem in which advertisers, affiliates and the network are performing together. In this context, 2Performant is the mediator that brings together advertisers and affiliates who want to make money in a respectable and ethical way. Characteristics:

  • The goal of an affiliate program is to persuade the consumer to take an action on the site (sale or lead).
  • The relationship between the advertising campaign and consumer action can be clearly measured by the platform.
  • Advertisers can optimize their affiliate programs in real time relying on the platform’s statistics.
  • In most cases, the payment model is closely related to user actions (cost per sale).
  • Affiliate programs capture an existing demand and have the ultimate goal to generate sales.
Types of advertisers
  • Online stores
  • Per sale campaigns with fixed and variable percentage commission
  • Per lead campaigns with fixed cost/lead for newsletter subscriptions, sign ups
  • Discount sites – sale/lead, same as online stores
  • Travel agencies – sale/lead – airline bookings, subscription to newsletter, etc.
  • Any advertiser with online presence having an online action for which there is a thank you/order page.
Types of affiliates
  • PPC specialists (Google AdWords, Facebook Ads)
  • Publishers
  • Bloggers
  • Email marketing
  • Facebook Pages and Groups
  • Special projects (site aggregators, cashback, price comparison sites, etc.)

In order to allow everyone to benefit from the platform’s advantages, we created this guide to show you the firsts steps in launching an affiliate program.

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