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Create an account.

In order to enjoy the benefits of affiliate marketing, create your own advertiser account in 2Performant. It’s super easy! But before, make sure you meet all requirements needed for registering in 2Performant advertisers’ network. In order to run affiliate programs in 2Performant, advertisers  must be legal entities that comply with the legislation in force and the legal regulations specific to the activity in the country they operate. The sites they represent and want to be promoted, must meet the following requirements:

  • to display the company’s (organization) information;
  • to NOT display paid ads for other sites or online store ads that don’t run campaigns through 2Performant;
  • To NOT sell/promote illegal products, nor content, in the country of origin or in Romania.

To be certified for an affiliate program, the site must allow users to complete a clear measurable online action (product purchases, account registrations, newsletter subscriptions, polls, etc.). Our recommendation is advertisers should have a dedicated staff for the affiliate program in order to get best results. Also, read carefully the costs of using the platform. Every information is public and transparent on our website,

Once accepted in the network, you’ll have access to thousands of blogs and sites that can promote your products/services and increase your sales. Then, it’s time quickly move in resolving the contractual issues. The sooner we finish them, the sooner you can benefit from the platform’s features. You must know that all available pricing plans have the first month free and can only be PRE-PAID. Thus, 2Performant works only in a pre-paid system, based on a digital contract, which must be respected from both sides (advertisers and network).

Set up your affiliate program.

To set up an affiliate program, you need to follow a few steps to make it work properly. This is why we have come to your aid with a few tips that will help you build an affiliate program from scratch. The touching points you should consider are as follows:

  • Competitive analysis;
  • Commission grid;
  • Cookie Life;
  • Description of your affiliate program;
  • Communication with affiliates;
  • Promoting tools.
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