How to pay your affiliates?

The commission computing, billing, cashing and payment services owed by advertisers is provided by 2Performant Network. Your only focus should be in increasing sales! In this article you will learn how to pay your affiliates.

2Performant has two types of active affiliates programs: pre-paid and post-paid.

  • Pre-paid affiliate programs are precharged with an amount of money through bank transfer or MobilPay. Our recommendation, if you have a pre-paid program, is to load your account with money at least once a month and make sure that the program has a green financial health. Pre-paid advertisers can define their own amount of money they want to load the affiliate program with.

We recommend charging your account with at least 500 EURO.

how to charge your affiliate account

When a commission is registered, the sale/lead commission along with the network commission will be withheld from your account balance. If the order has been completed and its commission approved, then that commission will be deposited into the affiliate’s account. If the order is canceled and its commission rejected, the value of that commission, along with the network fee, will return to your affiliate program account balance.

  • Post-paid affiliate programs are billed at least once a month. At the same time, 2Performant send notifications about the invoice to the designated emails. Invoices include all accepted commissions made by affiliates that were not included in the previous bills, along with the network fee and the monthly subscription. They can all be downloaded from the Billing → Invoices section from your account.
affiliate program invoices

For these type of programs, in order to have a good Time to Payment, an indicator used by affiliates when choosing affiliate programs, we recommend switching to a pre-paid pricing plan or shorten the billing period (weekly/bi-monthly). Although 2Performant has no due date for payment, once the invoice is issued, it must be paid.

Therefore, we have to make sure that when we’re paying the affiliates, the amount of money is in your account. You should know that affiliates are paid each week on Thursdays.

Not paying the invoice in time will cause announcing all approved affiliates and the program will risk suspension. Reactivating the program will only be done after the invoice has been paid. You can see, at any given time, what commissions you have to pay to your affiliates, depending on their statuses (approved). More commissions mean more sales for you!

What is the affiliate network commission?

The cost for an affiliate program carried through 2Performant is made of a fixed amount representing the monthly subscription and a commission of generated conversions (network commission). Therefore, a network commission is a cost of 2Performant affiliate programs that represent a percentage of the generated commissions.

For example, if you have subscription that includes 40% performance commission and you offer 10% for all sales, and through affiliation a sale of 100Euro was made, out of that sale you will have to pay 10 EURO (for affiliates) + 40% of the initial commission (network commission) = 14  EURO total commission amount to be paid.

See more in the video tutorial below!

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