Optimize your affiliate program and increase performance.

Once you have set up your account and started receiving clicks and conversions, you should focus on how to optimize your affiliate program and increase its performance.

The promoting tools you make available to affiliates must be updated periodically with offers, promotions or special events on your site. It’s very important that an offer displayed on your site to appear in 2Performant also, through banners and/or product feeds, so that affiliates can promote it as efficiently as possible.

Creating weekly reports helps you better understand the performance of your affiliates in 2Performant. You can easily find out which affiliate is sending you the most traffic, who generates the most conversions, if there were any traffic/conversion fluctuations from week to week, which tolls have the highest conversion rate and whether the number of affiliate sign ups in your program is rising or decreasing.  In this way, you can discover along with the affiliate what actions are profitable, what tools to change, what products convert best and so on. Also, the stats displayed in your advertiser account will show you what affiliates are active in your program or how many affiliates were attracted by it.

Increase the number of affiliates by organizing contests or create a dedicated affiliate landing page on your site. Encourage your affiliates to get more involved in your program by offering them preferential commissions, bonuses and themed contests. Our platform allows you to run such projects with the support and involvement of 2Performant team that will promote these types of actions.

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