Communicate with affiliates.

Success in affiliate marketing depends, on many occasions, on the relationship between advertisers and affiliates and the communication between these two parts. That is why it is essential that you communicate with affiliates.

We’re advocating for transparency and communication, but in the meantime, we must ensure that the terms of confidentiality will always be honored. 2Performant allows a way of communicating with affiliates so that the relationship between these two to be as precise and rewarding as possible.

Use the internal messaging system and promote the offers and special deals from your site. Provide data and stats about the best-sold products, products that were recently added to the site and any other marketing data that would help affiliates promote your products.

Do not abuse this messaging system! Summarize the communication to things that are really important – useful information for affiliates.

Beware of SPAM! 2Performant does not tolerate it! Get in touch with your top affiliates and meet their demands. Keep a close eye on their needs and provide them customized banners, gift vouchers, discounts, etc. Also, if you have any questions about how to use the platform or its features, don’t hesitate to leave a message using the  Support button straight from your account.

Furthermore, we’re waiting for your questions at Our team offers support, advice, and guidance for any user. You can also find us on our blog,, Twitter, and Facebook. Visit our sites and you will surely find useful information to improve your affiliate program.

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