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How Do I. Buy Stock?

How Do I. Buy Stock?

2P is the ticker symbol for the 2Performant shares listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange (the AeRo market).

You can buy 2Performant shares from any broker.

The intermediary that handled the listing of 2Performant on the BSE, Goldring, offers a special deal for opening and operating accounts for investors who buy 2P shares:

  • No minimum deposit when you will open your account
  • Zero fixed fee – for the first year of trading
  • 0.4% plus 1 leu/order commission for trading – for the first year of trading

To benefit from this deal, please select the “2Performant” in the field “Sursa recomandării” (Referrer source) when opening an account here. Watch the video tutorial for opening an account at Goldring:

To use the Arena XT for trading actions on BSE, you can watch the video tutorials for the web and mobile versions of the app: