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Cookie policy

This Cookie Policy is integrant part of www.2Performant.com Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Please read them carefully prior to go through this policy. All terms in capital letters below shall bear the same meaning as defined in the Terms of Use.

On www.2Performant.com and all its subdomains, We (S.C. 2PERFORMANT NETWORK S.A., 2Performant or Us/Our) use cookies that help Us provide You with better service and improve the user experience for each visitor of Our website.

How 2Performant uses cookies

Through www.2Performant.com it is ensured, inter alia, tracking of all traffic sent by Affiliates to Merchants Websites and of all Sales generated in connection thereto. Tracking done through www.2Performant.com is based on 2 main instruments:

  1. a. Tracking Code; and
  2. b. Cookies.

Cookies are small files that are stored on the hard-disk of the device You use to access www.2Performant.com or its subdomains. Having once gone through 2Performant redirect, cookies are integrated in Your browser even though the Promoted Website is not visited by You. Cookies are completely safe, entirely virus-free and malware-free so they will never harm Your device. Any and all personal data collected by means of cookies are encrypted so as not to allow any unauthorized persons accessing them. Cookies can be deleted by any user, at any time, as mentioned in section below.

Cookies are vastly used by online services (including www.2Performant.com) to improve and customize users’ browsing experience and deliver better advertising. These files ensure recognition of user’s device and allow content display in a relevant manner, tailored to user’s favorites. They are also used for aggregate anonymized statistics that allow improvement of www.2Performant.com structure and content without leading to user’s personal identification.

On www.2Performant.com, cookies serve these particular purposes:

  • they make it easier for You to use the website (e.g.: they remember Your preferences or Your option of entering Your username and/or password less often);
  • they measure the efficiency of the website, services, content and ads;
  • they help present useful information and relevant ads for each user;
  • they allow Us to offer other services and functions that are only available through the use of cookies.

Managing cookies

You may choose to refuse or deactivate cookies, but this means your entire navigating experience on www.2Performant.com will be affected. In particular, if You refuse or disable cookies from Your browser, You will be outside the Tracking area of www.2Performant.com and any Sales made cannot be recorded in www.2Performant.com, 2Performant being released from any liability in relation thereto.

In general, browsers’ settings include various levels of cookies acceptance, cookies lifetime, as well as automatic deactivation after having visited a certain website. Since cookies allow for information to be constantly transmitted both ways, to and from browser / website, if any unauthorized user interferes with such process, information provided through cookies may become available to such unauthorized party. Although quite rare, such case might occur if Your browser connects to server through unprotected network (e.g. unsecured WiFi connection). Other cookie based cyber attacks imply incorrect cookie settings on servers. In consideration of the foregoing, it is important that You chose the most appropriate method to protect your personal data and to:

  • adapt Your browser’s settings with respect to cookies so as to reflect the preferred security level regarding cookies usage;
  • consider setting your browser to erase individual navigation data whenever You close it;
  • install and constantly update antispyware applications. All modern browsers allow change of cookies’ settings. These settings are usually found in the “Options” menu or in the “Preferences” menu of Your browser.

To read more about the use and management of cookies, we recommend you visit these web addresses:

You can manage cookies right from your internet browser:

You can clear all 2Performant tracking cookies from your browser by using this tool:


Use of cookies by 3rd party systems, on www.2Performant.com

We work with other companies that occasionally place cookies on Our website. These companies help us carry out our activity and improve our products and services. Cookies placed by other sites are under their respective control and accountability.

Some of these companies that we work with are:

  • Google (through services such as: Google Analytics, Google AdWords, DoubleClick). You can manage these cookies from Your internet browser, or through the options that Google makes available on their websites: Ads on web. With the help of Google’s services, 2Performant measures the efficiency of its website (ex: conversion tracking), services, content and ads. Also, at certain times 2Performant may have ongoing promotional campaigns, including remarketing campaigns that require the use of cookies.
  • Social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+) and other solutions that allow the management of these, inside our website (e.g.: Sharethis) which may place cookies in the user’s internet browser.
  • Padiact.com. The solution through which users signup to the 2Performant’s newsletter
  • OpenX. The solution we use for managing advertising space on www.2Performant.com

Personal data security

You have: (i) the right to access Your personal data and be provided by Us – free of charge, once a year – with confirmation if Your personal data are being Processed by Us or not; and (ii) the right to intervene on Your personal data and demand – free of charge – rectification, update, blocking, erasing, or, as the case may be, data anonymization, provided that Your personal data were not Processed in compliance with applicable legislation (depending on the intervention, it could make impossible Your access to Our services); as well as (iii) the right to oppose to collection and Processing of Your personal data, based on grounded justified reasons related to Your specific position, and demand cessation of Your personal data Processing (this makes impossible Your access to Our services). You may always oppose to Processing of Your personal data for direct marketing purposes, without citing any reason and free of charge.

You may exercise your above mentioned legal rights by contacting Us via email, to contact@2performant.com and/or via mail, to S.C. 2PERFORMANT NETWORK S.A., 6 – 8 Corneliu Coposu Boulevard, Unirii View Building, Floor 2, (office) ResCo-working09, 3rd District, Bucharest, Romania and sending a request in writing, duly signed and dated.

You are also allowed to make recourse to legal courts as well as not to be subject to an individual decision.