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Code of Conduct

We invite you to read the Code of Conduct, a material dedicated to all parties involved in the 2Performant network: affiliates, advertisers, and us. In it, you will find the values and behaviors that we have believed in for more than 12 years and that we strive to put into practice every day, plus those good practices that help us all achieve affiliation performance.

The Code of Conduct is also a resource material for the moments when challenges appear in daily collaborations, that can be accessed to find the right answer, the right direction, or the solution in a possible impasse. Its role is to inspire and guide the development of collaborative relationships with partners in 2Performant, it comes as a complement to the Terms of Service but has no legal value.

We believe that collaborative relationships evolve naturally into long-term business relationships when the partners involved share the same values and are guided by similar directions. The Code of Conduct wants to remind us of this and put some more solid bricks in the development of sustainable partnerships.

Code of Conduct

Last Update: July 2021