After talking about the reasons for the 2Performant capital increase and what this process means for both us and 2P shareholders, today we have prepared a list of actions that can be done by all those who want to take part in the capital increase and, of course, to seize the opportunity.

It is no longer a secret that we want to raise 5 million lei to grow the company and enter a new stage, one in which we consolidate 2Performant’s position on the Romanian market and expand into foreign ones. Here we talked more about our plans and how exactly will the 5 million be distributed.

After 12 years since our founding, we are still a growth-focused company, as both our activity and turnover continue to grow year over year. In 2020 alone, we have registered a 31% growth in turnover, surpassing the forecast. For this year we aim for a 26% increase and we intend to continue growing at an accelerated pace, of 25% to 35% annually, so that by the end of 2025 we will have achieved a total turnover four times that of 2020. Big plans? One could say that, but we would prefer to call them realistic. E-commerce and the digital environment have registered substantial growth rates in the last two years, a trend that will certainly be maintained in the future. Dorin Boerescu, the 2Performant CEO, has always promoted our growth plans, as he did in a recent discussion with Rareș Mihăilă which can be found here.

Let us now return to the capital increase and consider a concrete example. Let’s say that, on April 7, Ionuț P. was a 2Performant shareholder. This means that Ionuț P. has received a preference right for each share held, free of charge. During the capital increase operation, Ionuț P. can sell the preference rights or can subscribe to the 25% discount offer.

But what if you are not a shareholder in 2P and want to participate in the increase?

First of all, you could see if Ionuț P. or other shareholders are selling their preference rights. Purchasing preference rights will provide you with a 25% discount for each share, which we’d consider an extremely good discount.

If we were to define each step, we would say:

1. Make sure you already have an account with a broker to be able to buy the preference rights quickly, right at the beginning of the capital increase operation.

2. Make your calculations considering that you need 5,68424 preference rights for a new share and that the price of a new share is 28.2764 lei per share.

3. Closely follow the schedule of the capital increase operation so that you don’t miss the preference rights trading, nor the subscription period.

Remember that the preference rights have the symbol 2PR01 and will be traded at market price, as are all BSE listed shares.

By participating in the capital increase, you will also receive free shares at a 4 to 1 ratio. The granting of free shares will be done after the completion of the capital increase so that all those who participate in the capital increase will receive free shares. The date for the granting of free shares will be announced through a current report and our dedicated newsletter, so we recommend that you subscribe to it here.

For any questions about the capital increase or our evolution on the stock exchange, you can contact us at any time at

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