Yanitsa Tsvetkova is one of the (Bulgarian) influencers who contributed to the recent marketing campaign developed by VIVRE. The campaign ran through 2Performant‘s new influencer marketplace.

Truth is there is no simple or sure recipe on how to get to be an influencer. But for Yanitsa the path to getting there has been marked by hobbies, art and solid principles.

We will let you discover that journey through her own words, but we will quote her on this: there are a few “key moves” that will help an influencer campaign reach its objectives more easily. Firstly, the brand has to clearly define an attainable goal. This way, influencers will be able to constantly keep their eyes on the ball, as they say. Aslo, discounts help.

As for how influencers themselves can contribute to a campaign, Yanitsa says the way the audience is targeted for the respective campaign matters a lot. The rest you can find out from the chat we’ve posted below.

And if you wish to find out more about this campaign, you can do so by reading the interview with Alina Ignat (Brand Manager, VIVRE).  

Your background

Hello guys! My name is Yanitsa and I’ve been living in Varna, Bulgaria my whole life! Seems like I just can’t live without the sea by my side.. I graduated in fine arts and English at The National High School of humanities and arts and I’ve been following my artistic instincts ever since. Photography, painting, reading are some of my biggest passions and that’s what I’ve been focusing my attention on.

Also, I absolutely adore animals so I’ve been a vegetarian for more than a year now and that’s been my main drive for using only organic and cruelty-free products. Until a few years ago I had a problematic skin and started reading blogs and forums about dealing with imperfections and achieving flawless skin. I was mixing my own masks using natural products /mostly fruits and vegetables that my mom bought.. she was pleased that I had eaten them../ After all these experiments I wanted to share my experience with more people so I dedicated my Instagram profile to skin care.

The Insta account and being an influencer

The majority of my instagram followers are females with affinity to beauty and fashion, also travellers and vegans. Ever since my very first post I noticed quite a huge interest in the things I do and  I’ve never hesitated to help my followers with a skincare advice or a product review. To my surprise shortly after the launch of my profile I started receiving many requests by beauty & cosmetics brands for cooperation, so I was super excited that my profile progressed. Already having the influence, I decided to focus on promoting only natural bio brands that haven’t and won’t ever test on animals.

For me the concept of “influencer” doesn’t mean having a huge number of followers on social media just to share pretty selfies, but to share experience, to help people, to support causes.


The VIVRE Campaign

You know, I rarely watch TV commercials but I accidentally came across your ad and I got hooked immediately. What impressed me the most was the variety of products you offer as well as the products themselves.. so authentic! Within hours the advertising agency contacted me with a collaboration offer, so I just couldn’t miss such an opportunity.

Given the huge range of amazing furniture pieces, it was difficult to choose only one, but I was totally fascinated by that sofa with floral motifs from the Juliett series..I just couldn’t help but fall inlove with it! Luckily enough, I had an identical dress with almost the same pattern and despite my hesistation between the two colors of Juliett’s sofas I think I chose the right one. Being an independent influencer I had to be my own makeup artist, model and photographer but nevertheless the photos couldn’t have turned out better.

Ingredients for a good campaign

The basic steps for creating a successful influencer marketing campaign are: For the brand: defining a clear and concrete achievable goal; application of price discounts, promo codes; For the influencer: content promotion- to reach larger audience; targeting a particular age group /sometimes particular country/; short and clear description of the product/service.

I appreciate when influencers use their authority and support causes. One of my favorite role models is Svetlana Hunt /svetikhunt/, an animal rights activist that established the fund “Lucky Hunt Foundation” near Varna. Another initiative of hers is “Children’s Workshop”- a program for children suffering from autism and Asperger syndrome; Gus Kenworthy, Em Ford, Heather Armstrong are some of the other people that I get inspired from and admire greatly.

The new marketplace on 2Performant is dedicated to influencers and the ways they can help businesses grow. The platform allows brands to set up campaigns in a transparent and simple manner. For more information have a look at the Influencer section on our website

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