Mentorship, regardless of the field, has two fundamental components that complete the partnership and provide the basis for growth.

1. Trust between the parties. This is the starting point. For things to go well, there must be trust between the Mentor and the Mentee. By the time they shake hands, this trust will have already been built. How? Through discussions, mutual analysis, questions, and clarifications.

In the Business League, transparency is one of the keys to our success (and yours), so any Mentee can see the current and past results of any Mentor. Golea, Ionescu, Foaie, or Broasca are seasoned marketers, whom you can discover, along with their sales, with just a few clicks. And the reverse is also true: a Marketer can be thoroughly vetted by the Mentor they have applied to, so that potential can be accurately gauged.

2. Desired results. This refers to the subject and objective of the partnership. No coach, from Mourinho to Mouratoglou, can guarantee spectacular results. All Mentors propose them, but life does not come with promises. Only with work, attempts, and lessons learned. However, even in the presence of the eternal ambiguity that online marketing presents, estimates can still be made. Calculations. Statistics.

So that’s what we did. Specifically, our colleagues from Business Intelligence have made some estimates that try to answer, at least theoretically, a question many Marketers ask themselves:

“If I give my Mentor 24% of the value of my commissions, and another 1% to the network, is it worth it for me to apply to the Mentorship program?”

The short answer is “Yes.”

The long answer comes with the figures I mentioned, and looks something like this:

The estimation you see above starts from the average growth values of players in Season 2 and the first Stage of Season 3, adding an estimated impact of undergoing an accelerated learning curve due to working with the best Marketers in the competition. These estimates show that partnering with a Mentor can bring a Mentee an increase in revenue of up to 9x (933%) in Season 4. However, to stay grounded in the present, we are looking at growth opportunities of 2.5x (250%) in Stage 2 (the current stage) and 3x (300%) in Stage 3, which also covers the most important sales season in e-commerce. Therefore, it is realistic to be prepared to triple your results in the last phase.

What does this growth imply in terms of actual Return On Investment (ROI)? With a trajectory like the one we estimated, showing incremental growth in each stage, a Mentee currently in the Start-ups level could achieve:

  • a ROI of 250% resulted from investing 25% of the value of commissions earned by July 28, at the end of Stage 2
  • a ROI of 300% by December 1, at the end of Stage 3
  • a ROI of 933% in the next Business League season, having gained experience and set up infrastructure based on mentoring with the chosen Mentor.

Important to keep in mind: view these figures as estimates. They are not promises, but they are strongly anchored in the history of Business League, in numbers, and in the ability and dedication of our team to use data to support the growth of the ecosystem. We say they carry weight that should be considered when you decide your path in the Business League for the upcoming Rounds and Stages. And Mentorship could be just that step you haven’t tried yet in your evolution. Now you can do it – Go go go!

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