Every Friday we publish exclusive data about the main categories on the platform and how they performed in the current week (Monday-Thursday). Use it as a benchmark against your performance.

πŸ“‰ Top categories by number of sales and main KPIs this week (Monday – Thursday)

CR = Conversion Rate

AOV = Average Order Value

EPC = Earnings per 100 Clicks 

πŸ‘— Fashion

  • CR 2.4%
  • AOV 49.0 EUR
  • EPC 10.0 EUR

πŸ“š Books Movies & Music

  • CR 2.8%
  • AOV 26.0 EUR
  • EPC 5.7 EUR

πŸ’Š Pharma

  • CR 3.2%
  • AOV 25.2 EUR
  • EPC 4.8 EURΒ 

πŸ’„ Beauty n/a (bug in data this week)

πŸ’» Electronics IT&C

  • CR 1.6%
  • AOV 156.5 EURΒ 
  • EPC 7.5 EUR

πŸ‘Ά Babies Kids & Toys

  • CR 2.0%
  • AOV 64.9 EUR
  • EPC 7.5 EUR

Top 3 categories by CR [min 250 sales]

🐢 Pet supplies 3.7%

πŸ’Š Pharma 3.2%

πŸ“š Books Movies & Music 2.8%

Top 3 categories by AOV [min 250 sales]

πŸ›‹ Home & Garden 169.5 EUR

πŸ’» Electronics IT&C 156.5 EUR

πŸ‘Ά Babies Kids & Toys 64.9 EUR

Top 3 categories by EPC [min 250 sales]

πŸ›‹ Home & Garden 13.5 EUR

πŸ’š Health & Personal care 10.3 EUR

πŸ‘— Fashion 10 EUR

πŸ’‘ Advertiser Spotlight 

[from top 100 advertisers by number of sales]

The advertiser that had the biggest increase in the number of sales this week (Mon-Thu) in each category (compared to the previous 4 days) PLUS Healthy Financial Status in the last month

πŸ‘— Fashion sofiline.ro

πŸ“š Books Movies & Music cartepedia.ro

πŸ’Š Pharma optiblu.ro

πŸ’„ Beauty nailsup.ro

πŸ’» Electronics IT&C f64.roΒ 

πŸ‘Ά Babies Kids & Toys babyneeds.ro

There are over 120 promotions on the platform, both on the Promotions page and in the messaging section. Check them out and take advantage of them!Β 

May the force of conversions be with you!

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