If you are part of the 2Performant community, it is most likely that the information has reached you that our technical team is working on an important upgrade to the platform, which will allow the attribution of affiliate-made conversions based on 1st party cookies. As we want to implement an efficient solution with a real impact on the network, we have already started testing. Over the next period, some 2Performant advertisers will be joining us in testing this technical platform upgrade. It is worth mentioning that for the optimal running of these tests we have made additions to our ToS, especially to Article 5 and to the privacy policy.

Why this upgrade?

Companies that own the main browsers are increasingly concerned about the privacy of users and have announced that starting in 2022 they will be eliminating 3rd party cookies to reduce the risk of their users being tracked on the Internet. As you know, conversion attribution is one of the most important features of our platform, and until now we were doing it utilizing 3rd party cookies. The new attribution system uses 1st party cookies and is in line with the changes announced by browsers.

What’s going to happen next?

For a certain period, with the support of several advertisers, we will be testing the new attribution system in parallel with the current one, and we will then compare the results generated by affiliates both through the current version of the platform and the upgraded one. These tests are meant to validate the new solution.

It is important to note that the changes will not affect the current conversion tracking system nor the smooth operation of the 2Performant network, in any way.

After finalizing the tests, we will be announcing the results and invite advertisers in the ecosystem to make the technical upgrade necessary to switch to the new attribution system.

Is the new attribution system complicated? 

If we were to describe the new conversion attribution system, we’d rather say it’s big, yet simple. A technical solution that will have a valuable impact on the network, but with a fairly simple implementation. Advertisers will have to install two codes instead of one. A code to place a cookie in the buyer’s browser (a buyer sent by a 2Performant affiliate), and an attribution code that sends the affiliate and conversion data to 2Performant.

As for the affiliates who do PPC and Google ads and take part in tests, they will need to fill in a few extra fields.

But don’t worry, during the testing, things will continue to operate normally, and the current conversion tracking system won’t be affected in any way.

We promise to return with news at every testing stage and keep you updated further. For any information about the platform or the ToS changes, you can always write to support@2performant.com.

In addition to this major technical upgrade that I just told you about, we are also currently undertaking a capital increase operation, and the trading process for the 2PR01 preference rights is taking place until June 14. Details on how the preference rights can be traded can be found here, and for any other questions, we are available to you, as usual, at investors@2performant.com.

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