We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our journey – the launch of the new Vote per Sale. This innovation is not just a feature; it’s a new era of engagement and empowerment in Business League.

Introduction to the New System:

Our vision was clear: create a voting system where hard work matters, and every contribution counts. We’ve designed this system to be fair, transparent, and reflective of your work and success in the League.

How It Works:

Sales-Driven Voting Power: Your sales performance now directly influences your voting power. This approach ensures that your business success translates into a stronger say in the decisions that shape our community.

Inclusive Voting Categories: Whether you’re an affiliate or an advertiser, you have a platform to express your views. You can participate in global votes or those specific to your user type, ensuring relevance and impact.

Key Benefits:

Fair Representation: Voting power is proportionate to their business achievements.

Enhanced Engagement: By linking voting power to sales performance, we encourage active participation and greater involvement in Business League activities.

Community-Centric Decisions: Collective decision-making driven by the diverse voices of our community leads to more balanced and effective outcomes.

User-Friendly: We’ve focused on making the voting process as seamless and user-friendly as possible. The system is designed to be intuitive and accessible across various devices. 

Voting Rules Simplified:

Participation is exclusively available to Business League members.

Vote on topics that align with your role – global or specific to affiliates or advertisers.

You can place one vote per member per topic, with final results revealed after the voting period.

Your vote in the Business League is a powerful tool. It’s an opportunity to shape the direction and future of our community. We invite you to engage, vote, and be an active part of this exciting new chapter.

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