We’re eliminating the boundaries in affiliate recruitment. Unlimited affiliates for all pricing plans, from anywhere around the world.

Starting with 29th of May, 2Performant removes the restriction on the maximum number of affiliates that can be accepted in an affiliate program, through a new platform functionality: Odin.

Moreover, online stores can also recruit affiliates outside the network and even outside the country.

Through Odin, 2Performant Affiliate Network becomes an open ecosystem, in a free interaction, with the entire online universe.

We’re eliminating affiliate recruitment boundaries. The cost is 5 times cheaper for recruiting affiliates outside the network and 2 times cheaper for recruiting them inside the network.

Starting with 29th of May, online stores will be able to recruit any collaborator outside the network and work with him/her, taking advantage of the 2Performant infrastructure for a commission that is 5 times lower than the standard network commission according to the chosen pricing plan.

Now it’s simple and intuitive to promote your affiliate program.

In the recruitment section of your advertiser account, you now have more opportunities to easily promote your affiliate program to potential marketers – share on Facebook, links that you can place on your site, in emails or  in newsletters, or even a badge which you can display on your site or blog.

Our platform will identify all affiliates or collaborators recruited through these links, display them in the dedicated tab and calculate costs 5 times lower than the standard ones, if the affiliates had no previous account in 2Performant, or 2 times lower, if affiliates had a 2Performant account but never collaborated with that affiliate program.

Discounts are based on the network commission – affiliate commissions, of course, will stay unchanged as they were previously set in the affiliate program. 

Promote your affiliate program now, without any restrictions.

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