Unicorns’ Retreat becomes UCC Retreat: 6 spots, meaning 6 families for a weekend at Balvanyos Resort in Covasna.

Well, well, well, how the turn tables. If until recently, Retreats only had the word “Unicorns” in them, starting from May 2024, they become “UCC Retreats”. Meaning they are open to the top performers in the Business League: Unicorns, Corporations, and Companies.

Easter is a beautiful holiday period spent with family. But sometimes, we need a vacation after that vacation. So, on May 10-11, the best players of the Business League will spend two days, along with their families, at a five-star resort. Its name is Balvanyos Resort, in Covasna. On booking.com, it has a “Fabulous” rating, just like in our hearts.

The quarterly Retreats we organize for the leaders of our ecosystem are not whims or marketing accessories. Bling bling is not part of our DNA. Instead, Retreats are yet another way we cement the cornerstone upon which the Business League operates: transparent and generous rewards for the best of the best.

We’re raising the stakes, we’re raising the prizes.

We’re growing.

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