Our growth plans are full steam ahead after investors gave their approval on April 22nd, at the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (EGMS), for all 12 items put to a vote. Thus, we will begin the process of expanding into foreign markets, anticipating a 55% increase in turnover through the international online sales competition, BusinessLeague.com. This innovative platform will not only serve as a venue for the competition but also as an entry point for new players from around the world. The countries where campaigns are already taking place are Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Poland, with further steps to be taken in the UK and the USA.

Invited at the Marmorosch Hotel, but also online via the eVote platform, the 1366 2Performant investors had the opportunity to discuss the company’s future and express their preferences. Thus, over 60% of voting rights were exercised. Not only the high level of interaction is noteworthy, but also the proactive support provided to young entrepreneurs and professionals in digital marketing through dedicated financial solutions, one of the topics discussed at the EGMS.

2P Investors’ Pool Evolution

“We aim to become one of the next Unicorns made in Romania, and we have already taken the first steps in this bold direction. I thank our investors for their involvement and the trust they have placed in our plans, based, as usual, on experience, figures, and a validated business model. 2Performant’s services and our unique product, the Business League platform, target the new generation of e-commerce professionals, offering them a different work and professional education experience tailored to their needs and desires.”

Dorin Boerescu, President of the Board of Directors and CEO of 2Performant

The management team also aims to increase the number of clicks generated through the platform by 45% and the value of sales by 52% for the current year, thus consolidating its position as a market leader in e-commerce.

Additionally, the company has co-opted two new members to the Board of Directors: Matei Pavel and Vladimir Oane, who will support the management team in the company’s international orientation.

“I have had the privilege of being with 2Performant since the beginning, witnessing its remarkable transformation from an innovative idea to the market leader it is today. And because they are not standing still and are changing the game again through Business League, I said ‘Yes’ to the challenge and joined to contribute to the company’s international expansion.”

Vladimir Oane

2Performant is a dedicated partner in supporting and encouraging the new generation of digital professionals. As an employer, it is committed to supporting remote work, transparency, and eliminating bureaucracy in the workplace to create an environment conducive to innovation and performance. As a leader in innovative e-commerce and affiliate marketing solutions, it rewards excellence and builds a community around its values, offering mentorship models and integrating gamification elements into its products.

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