February is the shortest month of the year, but 2022 feels more intense than ever with the opportunities it offers. It is marked by a perfect date symmetry, the only palindrome in the DD.MM.YYYY format: 22.02.2022.

A palindrome refers to a word, phrase, or sequence that can be read from left to right or vice versa without losing its meaning. It is derived from the Greek words palin (again) and dromos (way). Palindromic words, phrases or numbers are also called anacyclic, retrograde, recurrent, or sotadic. For more information about palindromes, as well as their origins, go to WIKIPEDIA.

2Performant marks the only palindrome day of the year by offering all affiliates a special 22% bonus. TWOSDAY will go live on Tuesday 22.02.2022, starting at 00:01. Bonuses will be awarded for all commissions booked on this day; they will be visible in the affiliates’ accounts in the Payments-> History-> Bonuses only section, only after the commission is accepted by advertisers.

How did the TWOSDAY challenge come about?

The idea for TWOSDAY came from our colleague Silviu Constantin, Senior Account Manager at 2Performant, who devised the bonus mechanism. 

He found that 22.02.2022, falling on a Tuesday, offered two major opportunities. The first relates to the fact that it is one of the best shopping days of the week, and the second focuses on the notion that we encourage the ecosystem through a bonus mechanism.

The data on our platform reinforces the idea that Tuesday is a special day, as it is consistently in the top three preferred days for consumers to shop online. Our top indicators confirm this: the conversion rate is 2.30%, the sales value is 9.31% higher, and the number of conversions is 8.50% better. 

We talked with Silviu to find out what effect TWOSDAY will generate in the ecosystem, what expectations he has, and what advice he can offer affiliates for TWOSDAY:

“I’ve been part of the 2Performant team since February 2016, first as an intern, then, knowing the development opportunities, I moved to the position of Senior Account Manager. In addition to advising big platform shops, my duties include analyzing the data on the platform to help us make decisions at the company level. That’s where the idea for TWOSDAY came from, because it represented a really special date for 2Performant ecosystem. I belive that any unique occasion should be celebrated in some way, and this was a great pretext for TWOSDAY. I expect we’ll have one of the best TWOSDAYs in years. TWOSDAY is the perfect alignement of a unique date, the best online shopping day of the week, and a chance for affiliates to increase their revenue.

Silviu Constantin, Senior Account Manager

As tips for affiliates, no matter what they choose to promote, I would encourage them to have a list of advertisers who are consistently performing to increase their chances of generating commissions. Have accurate tracking of all promotion methods and traffic sources they can call on to send consistent traffic for Mondays and Tuesdays. Last, but not leastm keep an eye on us, both on our stats page and on our communication channels, where we are always announcing updates.“

So, TWOSDAY is becoming both an opportunity and a challenge for affiliates! We wish them the best of luck with as many conversions as possible and encourage them to keep an eye on the advertisers’ affiliate programs early. 

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