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Here we are on the third article on how to do affiliate marketing on Facebook.

In the first two post I showed you how to do affiliate marketing with your personal account and on Facebook groups. This post will show you how you can promote products and services on an official Facebook page.

Before we start, I want to make sure you know the differences between a Facebook account and a Facebook page:

  • The Facebook account is the one you initially created when you first went on Facebook; here you can look up your friends, add them to your friends list, join conversations etc.
  • The Facebook pages are generally for public figures, NGOs, companies. The pages don’t have friends, they only have fans.
  • On your Facebook account you can have up to 5,000 friends, while a Facebook page can have an unlimited number of fans.
  • Posting on your account will never cost you anything and can only reach out to your friends (as well as your friends’ friends, if they share your posts further)
  • Facebook pages posts can be boosted to help reach different types of audiences that you select, depending on age, location, sex or interest. This sort of boost can only happen if you pay.

Here you have to examples of ads that you can promote when you have a Facebook page. I am sure you have seen these before:

Even so, creating a page is free of charge. All you need is an active Facebook account and to follow these steps:

  1. Once you have logged into Facebook, in the upper right corner, you will see a lock icon and next to it a downwards pointing arrow. Click on it and select the Create Page option from the window that pops up.
  2. Choose the type of page you wish to create. I decided to create a page that promotes children toys, so I went for the Brand/Product option.
  3. You have to think of a name for the new page. I chose “Jucaria zilei” – “Toy of the Day”
  4. Set up a profile and a cover photo. All you need to do is to click on the camera icon and then choose Upload Photo.
  5. You also need to add a buton that will be shown on the main page. I have selected the button through which the page visitors can send me a message.
  6. Adding a description. Here you should write about your page – what is it about, what kind of posts it will have, encourage your visitors to become fans, etc. I have decided to add: “Like our page and we will keep you posted on the best deals for the most popular toys.”
  7. As I was saying, you can’t add friends to a Facebook page, but you can invite your friends to become fans.

Now that you have set your Facebook page, you can start posting. This is done exactly like in the Facebook accounts, so you cand follow the steps mentioned in the first tutorial.

Writing about paid posts (the ads I mentioned in the beginning) is too much of a complex subject, so I am inviting you to go on this link and check out the tutorials made by Facebook.

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Good luck!

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