We triple the number of accepted affiliates in an affiliate program! Starting today, the number of affiliates that can be accepted in all affiliate programs based on their pricing plans, will triple.

Affiliate marketing is based on connections and good collaborations. The most important relationships in 2Performant are the active ones, where profitability and communication work hand-in-hand.

A first step for a profitable relationship is an active collaboration and we want advertisers to increase their number of these collaborations.

Therefore, we triple the number of affiliates from each pricing plan and now advertisers can approve and invite more affiliates to collaborate with them.

Is increasing this number a step we make?

As an advertiser, what do you have to do?

To transform the affiliates you approve or invite into active collaborators, there are a few steps that we recommend and that are efficient in the most instances.

Once you accept an affiliate in your program, send a welcome message, eventually with information that might be of interest for him/she, such as:

  • Active promotions and future promotions from your site;
  • Information about your customers (their location, the hours they buy, the device used, etc.).

If you invite affiliates, from Affiliate Ranking, in your program, think about the benefits you offer to them and send them messages with what you are willing to offer in order to test a collaboration.

Especially in the case of top affiliates, where they receive daily invitations. This is why you have to make your affiliate program visible and attractive for them.

Among the benefits we’ve discovered to bring good results when starting a collaboration based on an invite, we have:

Among the benefits I’ve seen bring results for starting a collaboration on an invitation are:

  • custom commission for an invited affiliate;
  • a longer cookie life;
  • a test budget for your program, regardless of the results;
  • dedicated thresholds according to the targets you’ve set.

This is the perfect time to log into the platform and start new collaborations!

May the force of communication and conversion be with you!

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