How to build a high converting Landing Page in 2016? The call to action should be above the fold? When to use the FREE word for gaining conversions? The man who have probably seen and have analyzed more landing pages than anyone on the internet, Oli Gardner, Co-Founder @Unbounce, gives us precious tips for an e-commerce business or any online business interested to have awesome converting landing pages.

Oli likes to joke that he spends his time mulling over ideas like legally changing his name to “Landing Page”. Perhaps is not such a bad idea as he have seen over 80.000 landing pages. Besides being a funny and friendly person, Oli Gardner is the co-founder of Unbounce, a leading landing page optimization software. Also, he is widely respected for his experience, is a prolific webinar guest and writer and an international speaker. That’s how I meet him at the Romanian eCommerce Awards Gala (GPeC) and I didn’t want to miss this fabulous opportunity to speak more with him. So, now we are very pleased to have Oli as the 2Performant guest for “How 2Perform Online” interviews.

A really efficient and useful discussion about converting landing pages and online marketing best practices, plenty of reasons to watch the following video interview with Oli Gardner and to take notes.
You can follow him on Twitter at @OliGardner.

Here are some key takeaways from this interview:

  1. Practical ideas for a converting landing page
    • You need a landing page for every marketing campaign you do, your website is for organic traffic, your marketing campaign needs a landing page in order to create a specific experience.
    • If you have an e-commerce business, it is ok to send your traffic on a product category page if you promote products and categories. For other marketing campaigns and specific search queries, use a landing page.
    • Run a clarity test for your landing page to be sure that the people understand what you do and what is your value proposition.
  2. Landing page common mistakes
    • People are lazy with their ads, your site search should be great, click on every ad you make to be sure it is a great experience.
  3. An above the fold call to action?
    • You should test it first.
    • For a simple sale, you can use an above the fold CTA, but on complex pages, nobody scrolls if you have an above the fold CTA. You should test it, do research, use a scroll map, a click map, see what people are doing on you page.
  4. When to use the free word in your copy. Click on the video.
  5. Mobile marketing tactics for an e-commerce site
    • Don’t rely entirely on responsive, create a custom mobile experience for your visitors, based on your research. You need insights, not blind marketing.
  6. 2 things that an online business must do starting tomorrow 2perform.
    • As a marketer, you should learn how to write in order to learn how to communicate, how to sell, how to write a value proposition.
    • Audit your marketing efforts. See what is working.

Also, Oli Gardener explained to us if for an e-commerce business (interested by upsells, cross-sells too) is recommended a single CTA and how can you optimize your site & campaigns if are a low budget site owner. In the video, you can find his detailed tips.

Many thanks to GPeC and FlexiLive teams for their support in having this interview.

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