IMPORTANT UPDATE: Starting today, April 15th, eligibility to become a Mentee changes for the good. That is to say all Marketers in Start-Ups & Companies can now join the Mentorship program. The ecosystem made it clear that such an extension is needed. We now have the capacity, together with the Mentors, to up the know-how & sales of more Marketers willing to put in the work.

There are less than two weeks left until the launch of the Business League Mentorship program, through which ambitious players will learn from the best.

A healthy ecosystem is one where members inspire each other, and performance is reinvented every day. Just like in life, but with a focus on sales and learning.

We designed this Mentorship Program with the clear purpose of helping affiliates who have shown that they want and have the resources for great performance but have yet to make the big leap, matching their dedication.

Enter the top performers from Business League. They want to pass on the experience and know-how accumulated over 3 seasons of the Business League and more.

So, Mentees, listen up!

Are you an Affiliate (Marketer) in the top half of the Start-Ups ranking? This program is for you.

To apply, first, you need to have a clean record. Or almost clean: You have not been suspended for more than 5 days during the last season of the Business League.

A Mentor can accept a maximum of 7 Mentees in their cohort. It’s competitive, so you’ll apply as for a job where your experience is visible, but you still need to write a cover letter. Like so:

You will receive a response whether you are accepted or not. It’s very likely that the Mentor will ask you for additional information. You will discuss, exchange ideas, and maybe have a coffee to see if your goals and stars align.

The Mentor reserves the right to exclude a Mentee, even if they were initially accepted and things were okay. However, if they do this, the Mentor will not be able to replace the excluded Mentee with another. There is no reserve bench. There’s only Season 4 when we start over.

As I said, Mentors mentor and help, so they receive 24% of the commissions generated by their team of mentees. 2Performant makes this connection possible through Business League for 1% of the commissions generated by Mentees.

Very important: you can only apply to the program in April. If you forget, postpone, or have doubts, you’ve missed this train. The next one comes after December 1, 2024, after the current Business League Season ends.

Benefits for Mentees:

  • You will have access to the only type of guidance that really matters: that from top affiliates.
  • You will receive not just advice, but long-term insights that will help you progress on your own.
  • You will skip stages in the learning process. Meaning you will gain time and know-how from the top beasts in the Business League ranking.
  • You will remain motivated and focused on progress because Mentors work only with such affiliates.
  • You will have objectives, specific discussions with the Mentor, and a learning process that is easy to follow and analyze.

Conditions to become a Mentor:

  • You will have access to the only type of guidance that really matters: that from top affiliates.
  • You have started and finished the most recent season of the Business League as a Unicorn, Company, or Corporation

  • You are part of the Hall of Fame

  • You have not been suspended from the platform for more than 5 days, during the last season of the Business League.

We will keep you updated, but anyway: set reminders, alarms, or post-it notes on your bathroom mirror. We start on April 1st and won’t stop anytime soon.

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