Ever since we put the first bullet points about the Mentorship program in Business League on paper, we knew what we wanted from this project: openness, efficiency, shared know-how, and healthy growth for everyone.

And as we discussed, both within the team and outside it, we realized that the need for such a program was indeed real. Because people, in general, want and can. But they need help.

The spotlight will continue to be, and always be, on the best. It’s normal for it to be so, because Performance attracts and makes things happen. So, the Mentors in the program are second to none. People with experience, but especially with RESULTS. Results make the difference between “I just looked it up on google maps” and “I’ve been down this road hundreds of times.”

Ovidiu Golea is a former professional footballer and current performance marketer. According to some, he is the best marketer in Romania. At the Gala in January this year, he said:

“It’s very interesting, I’ve already set it in my mind (team) I have at home a board with tokens, I’m going to go with a 2:4:1 strategy. 2 bloggers, 4 price aggregators or comparators, and one PPC specialist, to create a system together. After all, it’s a way to create income for old age, a kind of pension fund with new guys active on the platform.”

Ovidiu Golea

Lucian Ionescu is one of the most ambitious people I’ve met. He’s been working since he was 17 and has the mindset of someone who had to start from the bottom to become one of the best. Lucian has returned to the Business League stronger than ever, with his new agency, Klikads.ro, and the plan is to build a team of Mentees to share his know-how and experience with.

“Cred că programul de mentorat 2Performant din Business League este o inițiativă bună, pentru că ne da posibilitatea sa ne arătăm experiența unor afiliați mai la început de drum.”

Lucian Ionescu

Mihai Broască, Tampo21@BigAdvertising.ro, is the kind of experienced marketer who doesn’t waste time. Results come from rigor and planning. He already has a few words for his future Mentees:

“To succeed in affiliate marketing in 2024, it is crucial to keep up with technological developments, understand consumer behavior and preferences, and adopt an ethical and transparent approach in all your campaigns. The affiliate marketing industry continues to evolve, adapting to new technologies, consumer preferences, and industry regulations. A clear understanding of trends, what works, and what doesn’t is essential for anyone wanting to succeed in this space.”

Mihai Broască

This is just the beginning: 3 of the best Marketer-Mentors the Romanian e-commerce market has seen. Each with a cohort of up to 7 Mentees. In 30 days of recruitment.

The Mentorship program aims to accelerate the learning process for dozens of marketers with potential, who in turn will contribute to the generous and spectacular e-commerce market.

Let’s do this!

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