2023 was the year when Business League by 2Performant rolled out over a a full season and, furthermore, it was the best year the ecosystem ever had.

1 Season
3 Stages, 12 Rounds

142.2 Million € without VAT generated by the players

+39% growth compared to 2022

In the meritocratic spirit on which the Business League is built, we recognize the merit of the top players who have generated remarkable sales at an ecosystem level as well as at an industry level. Here are the names and the numbers regarding the players who have significantly contributed to these results:

20 Affiliates with over 1 Million EURO Sales Value each generated for online shops in 2023

Over 10 Million EURO

GlewSolutions.com42.7 Million €
Tidy.ShoppingTidy Shopping - Management Tool12.9 Million €
TOTAL55.6 Million €

Între 1 și 10 Milioane EURO

WPD9.3 Million €
DistrictConversion.comAgentie Marketing Timisoara7.9 Million €
ingbazar4.2 Million €
SHOPIA3.9 Million €
Tipli.roCâștigați bani în magazinele dvs. preferate3.4 Million €
Pricealert.ropricealert.ro3.2 Million €
Mo.Marketing2.8 Million €
M.Catalin2.7 Million €
CataRCataR2 Million €
DTA1.9 Million €
Enjoy.Digital1.8 Million €
GabrielNica.ro1.7 Million €
OberstBV1.5 Million €
ManuGodan1.5 Million €
Tampo21 Big Advertising1.4 Million €
Selltoro1.3 Million €
CashClub1.3 Million €
B.Florin1.2 Million €
TOTAL53.1 Million €

Between 1 EURO and 1 Million EURO

74 Afiliați cu vânzări de 100K – 1 Milion EURO23.4 Million €
230 Afiliați cu vânzări de 10K – 100K EURO7.6 Million €
2153 Afiliați cu vânzări de 1 – 10K EURO2.5 Million €

30 Online shops with over 1 Million EURO Sales Value each in 2023

Over 10 Million EURO

DrMax.rodrmax.ro21.2 Million €

Between 1 and 10 Million EURO

Evomag.roevoMAG8.6 Million €
Flanco.ro7.2 Million €
Answear.rologo answear6.8 Million €
Springfarma.comSpring, Farmacia la Pret Mic4.5 Million €
Flip.rologo4.1 Million €
Spy-Shop.roSpy Shop - Camere Supraveghere, Sisteme Alarma, Automatizari porti, Sisteme si Panouri Fotovoltaice, Video Interfoane2.9 Million €
Nichiduta.roNichiduta Black Friday 2023 • Ce reduceri te asteaptă! ® BLACKFRIDAY.ro2.7 Million €
Otter.ro2.6 Million €
FashionDays.roFashion Days2.6 Million €
Fornello.roFornello.ro - magazin online de instalatii termice si sanitare2.5 Million €
MobilaLaguna.roMobila Laguna2.1 Million €
Somproduct.roSomproduct Logo 2 Million €
DyFashion.roDyFashion - Magazin online de imbracaminte pentru femei2 Million €
BestValue.euWWW.BESTVALUE.EU1.8 Million €
Carturesti.roCărtureşti Timişoara | Timisoara1.8 Million €
Pint.ropint.ro1.7 Million €
Esteto.roesteto.ro1.7 Million €
Librarie.netLIBRARIE.NET1.7 Million €
Kinderauto.ro1.5 Million €
Noriel.roNoriel1.4 Million €
F64.rosiglă1.4 Million €
Neakaisa.roNeakaisa.ro | Obiecte sanitare vandute de specialisti1.4 Million €
Samsung.com/ro✓ Samsung1.4 Million €
Bookzone.roBookzone.ro1.4 Million €
Sinsay.com/roSinsay Logo Vector - (.SVG + .PNG) - GetLogoVector.Com1.3 Million €
Epantofi.roPantofi de damă, bărbați și copii • Genți și accesorii ...1.3 Million €
Modivo.roModa pentru femei, bărbați și copii | Magazin online MODIVO.RO1.3 Million €
Notino.roNotino Logo - Madeline.ro1.2 Million €
Badabum.roBadabum.ro1.2 Million €
TOTAL73.8 Million €

Between 1 EURO and1 Million EURO

132 Online shops with total sales ranging between 100K – 1 Million EURO37.4 Million €
245 Online shops with total sales ranging from 10K – 100K EURO 9 Million €
254 Online shops with total sales ranging from 1 – 10K EURO 0.8 Million €

They are the ones who will soon have the right to decide, through the Vote per Sale system, on important aspects of the business that 2Performant is building.

We will start on Monday, January 22 2024, by selecting an industry that will benefit from an additional bonus of 10% from 2Performant during the first break of Season 3 – a mechanism through which we want to increase user interest towards “hot” industries in certain seasons.

Moreover, on January 29, at the Business League Awards Gala – Night of the Champions, we will announce more details about how we will use Vote Per Sale for future growth, new upgrades in the platform, and updates in the Business League Gameplay – the world’s first e-commerce competition. At the event, you will be able to meet the champions of Business League, interact with 2Performant users (affiliates and advertisers), investors, journalists, and other industry stakeholders. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions to the 2Performant management team during the Q&A session at the end.

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