Business League is the first decentralized marketing competition where both marketers and online stores compete in a performance-based format, with prizes and benefits up for grabs at each level, in a system of benefits earned through results.

Business League is designed on 5 levels, associated with 5 performance thresholds for both affiliate competition and online shops. The entry-level is Newcomers followed by Freelancers, Start-Ups, Companies, Corporations, and the top level, Unicorns. The competition is based on the principle of scaling and each level corresponds to a level of development of a business. 

The user who enters the Business League story is in the role of an entrepreneur whose mission is to scale his business, based on the numbers he gets, to the highest possible level. 

Depending on the number of sales the user will be placed in one of the competition levels each round. Depending on the level the user will have access to a customization of their experience within the platform, which consists of the interface colors and the background layout. 

The principle of choosing the background is, in the case of affiliates who are freelancers, and professionals who carry work behind them, that the background represents what they see from where their office is. In the case of online shops, the affiliate managers who represent them are attached to the office of the company they work for so the backdrop images represent what they would see when they arrive at work. 

The principle of progression through levels is also supported by the changing background and the aim of the competition is for the user to scale through their performance from the most modest location, at the starting level, to the cloud racer stage at the top level of the competition. 

Thus from the combined performance of all participants in the competition, at different stages of performance, a virtual city of digital business will be born.

In the case of affiliates who start their ascent from the Newcomers level the backround is a basement, criss-crossed by the pipes of the building to the top of which they should reach through performance. It’s the unfriendly space that motivates users to evolve. 

At the Freelancers level, as a symbol of the freedom and versatility of freelancing, the backdrop is the perspective of someone working from a tent in the middle of nature. At the Start-ups level we are already talking about a more representative scaling and the background image represents the place where many start-ups that later became corporations started, a garage. At the Companies level the scaling is already evident and consequently, the office where the user is looking from is also a small company office. At the Corporations level things are already serious and the background image reflects an office in an office building so that at the Unicorns level the background image is the perspective of an office on the top floors of a cloud skyscraper. 

For advertisers, the principle is the same, so at the Newcomers level the user will see a trailer, the place where people who work in start-up companies go to work. On the Freelancers level we are talking about a headquarters in a small, cozy house, maybe even the house where the founder lives. At the Start-ups level the background image is a villa, a dedicated company headquarters, while at the Companies level the background image turns into an average headquarters, an office building. At the Corporations level the background image is an imposing office building that corresponds to the business status of such a user. The Unicorns level represents the highest level of performance in the Business League and the background image reflects this status with an imposing cloud. 

This is the story of the first stage of customising the user experience in Business League based on performance. The goal of this visual format is to motivate as many users as possible to build, through performance, as many cloudscrapers as possible in the Business League virtual city. 

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