Today we are launching a new indicator for all 2Performant affiliates: targeting score.

Targeting score is represented by a number, from 0 to 10, calculated based on the calibration between the percentage of the traffic sent to an advertiser and the percentage of conversions generated for the advertiser, from the total traffic sent by the affiliate and the total conversions generated for all advertisers, by that particular affiliate.

In this way, each affiliate can easily find out if the advertisers to whom they are sending more traffic, are also the advertisers where they generate the most commissions.

We’re estimating that this score will primarily help content-generating affiliates and the ones that have sites where they aggregate promotions, vouchers or products, but it will also help affiliates that are promoting advertisers’ products on Facebook groups and forums.

The section, from a 2Performant account, dedicated to show the targeting score was designed to draw easy-to-learn conclusions. Each connection, between the number of clicks and the number of conversions, will have an indicator showing the impact it has on the final score.

Depending on the targeting score, affiliates will have dedicated titles:

Sunday Sniper -> for a targeting score between 0 and 2:

There will be many connections to improve, but the dedicated page for targeting score can help you find the starting points to improve this grade.

Rookie Hunter -> for a targeting score between 2 and 4:

You are on a good path. There are some good connections, but there is still place for improvements and the targeting score will help you in this matter.

Rising Marksman -> for a targeting score between 4 and 6:

Things are looking good. You will have the opportunity to aim better with the help of this targeting score. Just analyze the KPIs and you’ll find aspects to improve.

Top Gun -> for a targeting score between 6 and 8:

You have a clearly established path and you know what to do. Targeting score can give you ideas of growth.

Bullseye Master -> for a targeting score between 8 and 10:

Congratulations! There will always be things to be improved, but you’re doing a great job.

Regarding the value of targeting score, the affiliates with the most impressive growths inside the platform, are those who are trying new affiliate programs, new partners to work with. We know that the shots do not bear fruits every time, but when they do, they can be sustainable. Therefore, my recommendation is to aim for the Top Gun targeting score, possibly the beginning of a Bullseye Master, so that you will have enough room to make tests.

Here you can check your targeting score:

May the force of conversions be with you!

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