We have entered the first stage of the share capital increase through cash contribution, so we can say: Let the subscription period for 2P shares based on the 2PR01 preference rights begin! As you already know, between May 31 and June 14 the preference rights have been traded, and now, starting with June 22, those who hold preference rights have 31 days to subscribe for discounted 2P shares.

Who is this subscription period for?

Only investors who hold 2PR01 preference rights can participate in the public offer, regardless of whether they received them on April 8 and still own them, or bought them during the trading period.

What is the subscription price?

The subscription price per share was set at 28.2764 lei and includes the nominal value of the share (0.1 lei) plus the issue premium (28.1764 lei). To subscribe for a new 2P share at the discounted price, 5,68424 preference rights are required, rounding to the nearest lower integer.

How and when can you subscribe preference rights?

Shareholders have 31 days, between June 22 and July 22, to subscribe for 2P shares based on their 2PR01 preference rights. It is good to know that the subscription process can be done only between 9.30 and 17.30, Monday to Friday, except on the last day, on July 22, when it will end at 13.00.

The subscription process is not complicated at all, but there are some aspects to consider:

There is a maximum number of shares that can be subscribed

The maximum number can be found by dividing the number of preference rights that the shareholder holds by 5,68424. If the resulting value is not an integer, it shall be rounded down to the nearest integer. The maximum number of shares that can be subscribed by an investor can also be determined by contacting the broker with which the investor has an open investment account.

  • Subscription via a broker – Section II investors, who already have an account with a broker, can subscribe directly through their broker following their instructions.
  • Subscription via form sent to SSIF Goldring – Section I investors, who do not have an account with a broker, can only subscribe through SSIF Goldring, the share capital increase mediator, to which they will send “The subscription form along with several other documents (see the list in the Prospectus, pages 52-54). Documents can be sent by email or in person to the SSIF Goldring addresses mentioned in the Prospectus on page 52.
  • Subscription via the CSD system – Investors holding shares of the Issuer in Section III of the Central Securities Depository (Participants’ accounts) will subscribe directly to the CSD system, their payment complying with CSD regulations.

When will the free shares be granted?

As you already know, at the end of the share capital increase operation, free shares will be granted at a 4 to 1 ratio, through a share capital increase of no more than 495,970.4 lei. This way, investors participating in the increase will receive free shares.

What are our plans for the 5 million lei investment that we are looking to attract?

We are a constantly developing growth technology company and this 5 million lei investment will help us consolidate our leading position in affiliate marketing that we have in Romania and increase our presence in external markets. We have three major initiatives in which we will invest the capital raised on the stock market: the development of strategic partnerships with important online commerce and affiliate marketing players (such as regional, European, and global affiliate networks and brands with high online commerce traction), growth and consolidation initiatives in markets where we already have a strong position (Romania and Bulgaria), as well as the development of a new way of tracking and attributing conversions on the 2Performant.com platform.

More details about the capital increase process are available here, and you can write to us at any time, for specific questions, at investors@2performant.com.

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